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Are We Done Yet?

Posted 10/10/2019 by Destiny Hernandez

The end of a long construction day at Denver International Airport. photo by Rachel Madden-Weiss

The Denver International Airport is in store for a new makeover that will bring in crowds and help people find jobs. 

Isn’t it annoying when movies drag on and do not get to the point right away? Well, that is how the construction at the Denver International Airport seems to be going right now. For so long there have been so many modifications and additions to the airport that people cannot seem to keep up. Construction is a very important way of renovating and remodeling any building, and the process is extremely difficult to follow. It is a good thing Colorado has so many local companies that can help with figuring out the construction that is happening in a big and busy airport in Colorado. Knowing information from a certain standpoint is important just in case someone is visiting the area and there are further delays. The most important thing that people worry about now is the traffic near airports and how long they have to wait. According to Rachel Weiss, a worker at NPW Contracting, “The concourse expansions are to last until 2021, however, DEN has a 20-year plan to continue to grow and potentially expand to two additional concourses.” Since the expansion at DIA will take a while, people might not wonder why there is such a rush around the DIA area. 

The initial plan for the airport is to renovate the terminal (the great hall) to create a more comfortable space. So many people are longing to see the finalized airport but will have to wait a while before they see the grand finale. As Denver grows, residents sometimes have to take multiple flights to be able to compete in a global market, especially because Colorado is a place where many people choose as a travel destination, and these updates will make their ride smoother and more home-like. Updates like these will allow people more time to navigate through security and be patient and adaptable, therefore, people will have to adjust for the time being, since there is a lot going on in a very small space. Updates are important so there can be better customer service for those who are visiting or passing through Denver. The expansion will hopefully increase tourism and increase the market so there will be more flights to go to and from more places. Weiss also mentioned, “We want Colorado to be a destination for people.” These construction jobs are very important to small communities and workers.  

NPW Contracting is one of the many companies that rely on the work to help their families and come together as a community. Everyone benefits from the expansion of a big airport trying to become even bigger and more well known. Every place has to advance in their own way to help themselves or their community, and DIA is benefiting everyone around them, especially if they are traveling. Multiple people have their own role in the construction, and the renovations will make sure everyone is included, and the airport is better than ever.