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Author: Chase Bellomo

Super Senior ShowcasePosted 05/10/2021 by Chase Bellomo

This year, Thomas Jefferson High School rolled out a new senior talent show that allowed all seniors to participate and show off their skills. The Senior Showcase is a new tradition which is a revampe... More

A New Generation on the Next GenerationPosted 03/11/2021 by Chase Bellomo

After an eight-year drought of NCAA Football games, EA Sports has announced that they are going to reboot the game. Electronic Arts (EA) Sports, the popular video game designer, has told the public th... More

Principal ResidencyPosted 02/09/2021 by Chase Bellomo

For the first two weeks of the second semester, Ms. Hammel was acting principal, doing her job as well as Mr. Christoff’s. On January 5th, the first day students returned from winter break to start ... More

What’s A Cow’s Favorite Holiday? Moo Year’s EvePosted 01/29/2021 by Chase Bellomo

Every year, millions of Americans create News Year’s resolutions for themselves;  one month later, I am still trying to keep mine. Approximately 50% of Americans create a New Year’s resolutio... More

Exceeding EnrollmentPosted 12/11/2020 by Chase Bellomo

Thomas Jefferson has grown more popular in recent years, helping the school expand programs and support more students. Thomas Jefferson is a hidden gem in Southeast Denver with a strong Spartan commun... More

COVID Diary #24Posted 12/08/2020 by Chase Bellomo

Chase. I remember back before the world shut down checking the daily news through social media. I tend to check the NBC news Snapchat channel, but I remember watching it one day when it talked about h... More

Community PartnershipsPosted 11/09/2020 by Chase Bellomo

Local business keeps Spartans involved in their community. The community around Thomas Jefferson is like no other. There are numerous local businesses that are involved with students in the Spartan co... More

COVID GolfPosted 09/16/2020 by Chase Bellomo

The 2020 Boys’ Golf Season was like no other, but the team was still able to adapt and play. Due to the pandemic, there were multiple changes to this year’s golf season. However, the team still ha... More

Online TransitionPosted 05/14/2020 by Chase Bellomo

Students and teachers alike at Thomas Jefferson are continuing to adapt to online learning. The Coronavirus has thrown a wrench in the lives of Americans across the country, as well as individuals all... More

Remembering A LegendPosted 02/14/2020 by Chase Bellomo

On January 26th, 2020, the death of Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant, and seven other individuals in a helicopter crash shocked the world. Odds are you have heard the name Kobe Bryant in one way or another:... More