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Author: Logan Cecil

On PerspectivePosted 05/14/2018 by Logan Cecil

In the roughly 100,000 years that our modern species of hominid has existed on this planet, an estimated 108 billion people have ever lived. Of this 108 billion, only 536 have ever left the loving arm... More

Significant SilencePosted 04/04/2018 by Logan Cecil

On Wednesday, March 14th, the majority of the Thomas Jefferson student body walked out to honor the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. It is not often that students and young adults hav... More

In the Heat of the MomentPosted 03/07/2018 by Logan Cecil

When it comes to climate change, many believers and skeptics are losing sight of the reason for the debate: the pain that changing weather is inflicting on people around the world. Whether or not you ... More

A Standing OrationPosted 12/17/2017 by Logan Cecil

The Speech and Debate club prepares to represent TJ in future competitions. After returning from a hiatus, the TJ Speech and Debate club is taking their best orators to competition. Sponsor and Englis... More

Tay-king a StandPosted 12/10/2017 by Logan Cecil

In a hard fought loss, TJ alumni Tay Anderson recently ran for DPS Board of Education at nineteen years-old. Never underestimate young people. This message is a powerful one, and it sums up the ideals... More

Bright News for the EnvironmentPosted 11/17/2017 by Logan Cecil

Teams from around the world assemble to show off their environmentally conscious houses. With growing concerns about the environment, many companies are beginning to invest in sustainable and environm... More

BM-Xtra Kind to Your PeersPosted 10/11/2017 by Logan Cecil

Top skateboard and BMX athletes educate Spartans about how to deal with bullying. In a recent study, it was reported that more than 22% of high schoolers nationwide said that they had been bullied whi... More