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Backyard Bash

Posted 05/13/2016 by Olivia Fullerton

artwork by Andrew Villescas

TJ hosts another event with fun outside activities to celebrate the end of the year.

The Backyard Bash is back at TJ for end-of-the-year fun with games, food, and events for everyone to enjoy. The Backyard Bash is a celebration for students for all the hard work that they have done over the year. The Backyard Bash will start after the talent show on Friday, May 13th.

Over the past several years, TJ has held the event as a way of rewarding students at the end of the year for their dedication and motivation in their classes. However, this year it has gone above and beyond with many new additions. Many parents are donating much of their time in order to assist with the events taking place. Additionally, students and staff are lending their expertise with the activities such as a volleyball tournament and obstacle course bouncy house.

The volleyball tournament will take place outside and will be run by teacher Mark Smith, and the bouncy house will be run by instructors Matt and Brittany Nicolo. Additionally, DJ (and TJ alum) Zach Jackson will be present in order to provide an enjoyable mood for the students to have a fun time. History teacher John Poole stated, “We are trying to make it bigger and bigger and to have more activities than we did last year.” With the help of dedicated individuals such as CCT Pro Tech Sara Andolsek, counselor Erin Thompson, Smith, the Nicolos, the students involved in leadership, and parent volunteers, this event is always a hit. Countless faculty and staff members have donated food as well as their time to make the event possible. Fortunately for students, the Backyard Bash is free so that participants are able to fully enjoy the commodities that will be present.

Since the event is after the talent show, there will also be some karaoke as a way of extending the singing and talent aspect of the day. With the several activities taking place, food will also be provided and will include barbecue, hot dogs, hot wings, chips, soda, and cotton candy as well as an assortment of other foods to nibble on. The assortment of food will be provided by the school and is always an enticing part of the Backyard Bash.  

Nearing the finale of the 2015-2016 school year, a yearbook signing will also be taking place. Photography teacher Will Forrester, who is running the yearbook, explained that “students will have the opportunity to pick them up and talk with friends.” Located near the food outside, there will be a small table holding the yearbooks for students to gather and grab one if they have paid for it previously. Students can also purchase yearbooks if they have not already. The yearbook is an important part of the end of the year as it provides students, especially seniors, the opportunity to look back at this previous year of high school. This year’s yearbook staff has worked extremely hard to make this all possible with the help of Forrester.

The Backyard Bash is a great way to provide a fun outlet for students to enjoy themselves and connect with others right before final exams. Over previous years, students have relished in spending time outside together, whether competing in a volleyball tournament or eating scrumptious food, and this year will be no exception.