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Buckle-Up Campaign

Posted 03/17/2008 by Ben Gilliland

Students are informed on the importance of practicing safe driving.
by Ben Gilliland seatbelt.bmp

   During the week of March 17-21, Thomas Jefferson High School is sponsoring the annual Buckle-Up campaign, a program designed to inform students about the importance of safe driving.
    Student and parents from TJ will be helping educate teens and the community on the importance of traffic safety at several events during the week. All of the work is in preparation for keeping students safe during the DPS spring break. The week’s activities are sponsored by CDOT and coordinated by The BACCHUS Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to health promotion, and prevention education. The events will include a poetry contest, daily safety announcements, and seat belt checks.
    For the poetry contest students were to write a poem about the dangers of teen alcohol use, the dangers of impaired driving, or seatbelt use. The deadline to enter was March 11, and the winner will be announced on March 19. First, second, and third place winners will be receiving cash prizes for their poems. There will also be a crashed car displayed outside of the school as part of a comprehensive educational program for the entire week. 
    On the morning of March 18th, students and parents will be displaying signs near and around the school safety zone, which includes the Hampden Avenue and I-25 intersection. The signs will display messages to remind motorists to use caution when driving around the school zone during their morning commute, and to encourage them to wear their seat belts.
    There will also be a big banner inside the school that will display a number of different pledges. The students will be encouraged to sign the banner and honor the pledges for the entire week. The pledges that will be on the banner are as follows:

I pledge:

• To make healthy, positive choices in my life.
• To treat myself with the utmost respect and not do anything to put myself at risk or in danger, including the use of any type of drugs or alcohol.
• To respect others and to accept others for who they are.
• To take a stand against negative attitudes and behavior.
• To refrain from violent behavior.
• To always buckle up whenever I drive or ride in a vehicle.
• To not ride in a vehicle with someone who is impaired by alcohol or other drugs.
• To be a positive role model to others, especially those younger than me.