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Burton is Back and Better than Ever

Posted 12/02/2022 by Kira Kennedy

The new Netflix series, Wednesday, premiered on November 23rd and is a huge success. photo courtesy Netflix

Tim Burton once again creates a masterpiece with Wednesday, the new Netflix spinoff of the Addams Family show.

On November 23rd, the new Netflix series Wednesday premiered and it quickly skyrocketed to the number one TV show in the U.S.. It is all the rage, and I’m going to have to agree. I loved Wednesday so much so that I binged it in one day. I thought it was funny and a great mystery with just the right amount of a coming of age story.  

If you are one of the few people who has not seen it (and I mean that literally, as it seems almost everyone has watched it), here’s a quick summary without any spoilers. Wednesday Addams, a daughter in the famously spooky and strange Addams family, is having trouble fitting in at her school full of “normies.”  After a horrible interaction between Wednesday and her brother’s bully, that ends not well for the bully (to say the least), her parents decide to send her to a school for “outcasts,”  Nevermore Academy. At Nevermore academy Wednesday finds friendship and maybe even love. Oh yeah, there are also a series of murders that are threatening the safety of her school and classmates, and she the only one who can save them.

To be honest, I was unsure on whether Tim Burton would be able to pull this show off, but he once again proved he knows how to produce and turn the weird into popular. The characters were lovable and relatable, despite them being werewolves, vampires and sirens (you have to watch to understand). Jenna Ortega, who plays Wednesday, did a wonderful job of portraying everyone’s childhood favorite character with a modern twist on her look and personality and it killed (no pun intended). I was afraid I would not like Wednesday because of her lack of feelings or sympathy for any living thing, but Burton and Ortega did a wonderful job of showing that she always had a heart. Ortega had beautiful chemistry on the screen with every one of the characters on and off the set, which is shown in cast interviews. The interviews with the cast of the set are almost as good as the show, you can tell that they truly do have fun with each other and are friends. Burton also played off of the original Addams Family by casting Christina Ricci, who played the original Wednesday, as a teacher at Nevermore. It made the show even more special for those who fell in love with Wednesday while watching the original show, long before the spinoff premiered. I definitely recommend this show, and I am already looking forward to season two. It will be interesting to see how the next chapter unfolds for  Ortega and everyone else in the cast.