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Can We Guess What Holiday Gift You Are?

Posted 12/18/2018 by Logan Cecil

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In the season of giving, have you ever gave any thought as to what gift you embody? Take this quiz to find out!

Answer truthfully, add up your score, and scroll down to see the results!

  • You have to go to a family event. What do you choose to wear?
      1. A bright, festive sweater. (+4 Points)
      2. A plain, dark hoodie. (+1 Point)
      3. A fancy, button-up shirt. (+3 Points)
      4. A graphic T-shirt. (+2 Points)
  • You open a present in front of your aunt that is not very exciting. How do you react?
      1. Gracious, you appreciate the effort. (+3 Points)
      2. Miffed, you are not a great actor. (+1 Point)
      3. Overjoyed, even if it is not what you wanted. (+4 Points)
      4. Surprised, with a hint of disappointment. (+2 Points)
  • You wind up playing a board game with an older relative. What do you choose to play?
      1. Classic Monopoly. (+4 Points)
      2. Uno. (+2 Points)
      3. Chess.(+1 Point)
      4. Scrabble. (+3 Points)
  • You want out of a dicey conversation with ‘that’ relative. How do you get out of this interaction?
      1. You bring up their favorite sports team. (+3 Points)
      2. You crouch down and have a conversation with the dog. (+2 Points)
      3. You pretend that you need to go to the bathroom. (+1 Point)
      4. You compliment the dish that they brought and ask for the recipe. (+4 Points)
  • You go to grab a piece of pie, but there is only one slice left. What do you do?
    1. You take the piece without hesitation, you were hungry. (+2 Points)
    2. You split the piece in half, trying to be considerate. (+3 Points)
    3. You leave it, wanting someone else to be happy. (+4 Points)
    4. You take just the crust, it is your favorite part after all. (+1 Point)


8-10 Points: Socks

  • You are honest and reliable, but you tend to keep to yourself. You do not like to be the loudest voice in the room, but you like to show off every once in a while. You like to stay organized, and you never get caught wearing two colors that clash. You have one really close friend who you have known for the longest time and together you make an inseparable pair.

11-13 Points: Pajamas

  • You are funny and unique, and everyone who knows you appreciates your humor. You can seem to be a bit of a softy on the outside, but everyone relates to how you feel. Your fashion sense is based solely off of comfort, but you like to match your outfits every once in a while. You love being cozy and would never turn down a good nap.

14-16 Points: Sweater

  • You are colorful and kind, always thinking about others before yourself. Your friends always turn to you when they need someone to cheer them up. You can fit into any group of people and you are often the most interesting person in the room. Around the holidays you come alive, and you are the first one to blast some seasonal music.

>16 Points: Shoes

  • You are bright and excitable, always having the biggest voice in the room. You are very creative and often your style is something to be admired. You are a hard worker and love to get your hands dirty when given the chance. You are a jack-of-all-trades and are ready to help regardless of the scenario.

P.S. The holiday season is meant to be a time of giving, not receiving. Every gift received is an act of kindness from someone who cares about you. So think not of the quality of the gift, but of the heart of the giver.

Happy Holidays,

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