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Check Out Candice Frazier

Posted 11/30/2021 by Shana Saint-Phard

Frazier spotted behind the library desk during the school day. photo by Shana Saint-Phard

Thomas Jefferson is proud to introduce the newest addition to the library. 

It is not uncommon for students to dread going to the library, as going to the library often has the connotation of suffering through the last few pages of homework due for the next class. Thomas Jefferson High School has the honor to welcome in a new librarian who hopes that she can continue the legacy of supporting our Spartans. 

Candice Frazier encourages the atypical atmosphere on the second floor library. During lunch, the library is always a lively place filled with talkative students catching up on homework, playing on a Nintendo switch from home and students reading. Frazier inherited her position from previous librarian, Mark Fabian, who retired last year. In the library, there are countless resources that Frazier manages. Some of the library’s numerous valuable treasures include: countless spaces for productivity, socializing, and reading, but that’s not the only purpose of the library. There are resources for students to be tutored in all subjects, educational books, books for pleasure reading, online books and most importantly fascinating librarians. 

Being a librarian is commonly believed to be a job that just requires shelving books and shushing rowdy students, yet there are massive amounts of education and training that go into becoming a librarian and Frazier is no exception. Her schooling started at Spelman College where she mainly studied humanities. She completed countless archival programs while in college looking at historical texts. Here her passion for literature led her down the path to become a librarian. There she took the necessary courses to become a librarian, learning different databases required to run a library, and organizing systems such as the dewey decimal system. Ultimately she got her BA in humanities and certification in education before getting her first teaching position as a primary school teacher. Frazier’s first year teaching was “at a school last year, well there wasn’t really a building, it was online. It was my first year teaching out of school.” Having a first year teaching during the first wave of coronavirus was rough. She had expressed the difficulty of teaching young students online. Deciding to get rid of the screen between her and students, she decided to become a librarian at TJ. 

In the library she works with students in a variety of ways traditionally. Frazier primarily assists students in a traditional librarian way: helping readers find specific books, recommendations, and checking students in and out of the library. The introduction of technology into the school setting has also affected the duties of librarians. She also has had to adapt to the new necessity of technology in our education system. Frazier herself is a resource like no other. 

When the beloved librarian is off duty, she enjoys hiking with her family and being outside like a true Coloradan. Throughout COVID-19 she missed traveling and is planning on going to Belize with her family for her first time traveling out of the country in nearly two years. Uniquely, her favorite type of books are biographies because she feels like she learns the most when reading them. Specifically she enjoys learning about how celebrities got their starts and how relatable they were. Her love of books drives her to continue pursuing the best version of the TJ library. 

Even with the responsibility of keeping the library together and all other resources easy to find, Frazier continues to emphasize the interpersonal connections between students and staff. When talking with students at check out Frazier finds herself, “Letting them know [she’s] here to help listen to their needs and just asking how their day to day is going or how they’re doing in their classes.” Often students who just head to the library end up talking to Frazier about their personal lives and daily struggles. The casual interactions that she has with students is only one example of the empathy and care that our newest librarian provides. Students are able to exit the library with less stress and possibly, the addition of a new book.