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COVID Diary #23

Posted 12/08/2020 by Nakya Castille

graphic by Nakya Castille


It started on March 13th, 2020, when a normal day was gonna be the last.

Life as we knew was gonna be changed. 

Whether that was for the worst or the best, only time would tell.

For me…it changed my whole aspect of life around.

My once motivated self began to succumb into a shell of emptiness,

Only surrounded by the same boring things.

My days kept repeating themselves like a broken record player, never once changing unless the record itself was removed and replaced with a better one with only minor new features to it.

Smiles now become exhausted frowns, always followed by a numerous number of yawns.

Sleep was the only thing that resided in my head.

Motivation, school, all those sorts no longer were my biggest priorities.

I only craved sleep and to be free again. 

To be able to see my friends freely, walk around without being restrained by a piece of fabric covering my face.

I sought freedom.

But instead, I was caged within a mask.

There weren’t always tough times, for sure there were a lot of good ones.

I became even more aware and acknowledged about who I want to be.

From the most smallest things such as renovation to my hair 

Or even even my style of comfort.

Being stuck inside wasn’t a curse like some fairytales, but it certainly was not a leisure either.

Being forced inside is not fun but if it is to keep people safe, then it is absolutely necessary.

I wish to see my classmates face to face but I cannot…

I wish to see my teachers in person but I cannot…

I wish to be able to live a normal life but I cannot…

 I wish to have a senior year, but I am forever more grateful 

Because of the restraining of the mask that shields my face

from the devil in a viral form.


artwork by Nakya Castille