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COVID Diary #9

Posted 11/12/2020 by Jael Iyema

graphic by Nakya Castille

To whom it may concern,


Let me tell you about the lockdown.


When it came

We seemed to appreciate

Mother Earth’s creations a little more than we did before 

Waters were a bit clearer

Pristine parks

Grass a little greener

Mother finally got the break she needed 

We visited her every chance we got.

But from the comforts of our homes

On our big screens, little screens 

Google Pixels and iPhones. 


When it came,

We missed greeting Mother Earth 

Waking up and getting into our vehicles that polluted her sea skies

And watching the sunrise above her peaks 

Receiving her beauty from 

The windowpanes of our painless bodies

Oh, how we missed bathing in her sunlight

Swallowing her sweet air

But to defy orders we didn’t dare.

If one of us went out to be kissed by her beams 

Then thousands would follow

Putting each other at risk

To getting the sickness that took over her

From the Great Wall to the Sistine, to Chinook point, to the colonies.


When it came,

Mother nature probably wondered.

Why her children weren’t seeing her

Consuming her

Ruining her

Taking care of her

Did she cry for weeks, day n’ nights?

Or was she glad that things weren’t right?

All I know is that she was probably asking.

“Where did all my children go?”