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Dynamic Dobbs

Posted 12/04/2023 by Nate Bolinske

Josh Dobbs celebrates a victorious moment after his win against the Saints. photo courtesy of Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

A young quarterback genius never fails to shock a rowdy Vikings Crowd.

This past week in the NFL, there were many compelling games, but one story stood out. Josh Dobbs and the Minnesota Vikings beat the Atlanta Falcons. Dobbs, a former Arizona Cardinal, had just joined the Vikings team on Thursday, just four days before the game. Dobbs, a former Tennessee Volunteer (Vol) and Arizona Cardinal, has had immense experience in football. His amazing story is not only seen in football, but in his academics. Dobbs has a major in Aerospace Engineering from Tennessee, and has been managing his football career and his pursuit of rocket science. Dobbs had worked for NASA intern jobs, and even while in the NFL, he still chases his enthusiasm for space and flight.  

After a short year in Phoenix, Arizona, with the Cardinals, quarterback Dobbs found himself across the country, wearing the proud purple and gold of the Minnesota Vikings. Little did Dobbs know, he was ready to begin a new chapter in the NFL journey. His background in football started with his commitment to play at the University of Tennessee, a milestone of his life, where four years later, he entered the NFL scene in 2017. In the fourth round of the 2017 draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted Dobbs. His early years in the league were very unentertaining, as Dobbs saw limited game time, and often sat behind Ben Roethlisberger as backup quarterback. Dobbs learned lots of football behind Big Ben, but eventually found himself on the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2019, seeking more playing opportunities. 

Moving throughout the league, Dobbs found himself on multiple different teams, struggling to find a solidified spot on the 53 man roster. After the Steelers traded Dobbs to the Jacksonville Jaguars, Dobbs continued to fight for little to no playing time. After a short time, Dobbs was relocated to the Tennessee Titans, where he began to play more and more. He was a starter for the Cardinals beginning the season, and played his career high eight games. He recorded 1,569 yards. After his short career in Arizona, Dobbs moved on to Minnesota.

 After joining the Vikings, Dobbs was not set to play on Sunday, but when starter Jarron Hall went down with an injury, Dobbs was on the field. Previously, before the game, Dobbs had never had a set in practice with the starting offense, since Hall was taking all the reps. Dobbs had never even practiced his snap routine with the Vikings center Garett Bradbury, so he started practicing on the sideline during the game last week. 

His journey to Minnesota displayed his unwillingness to give up, and his determination to win the game. The Vikings coaching staff recognized these exceptional qualities and noted Dobbs as a possible dynamic playmaker for their offense. Now with a contended playoff spot, and a third string quarterback starting, the Vikings fans and staff put faith into Dobbs to showcase his growth and versatility, and pave the way to the playoffs with his new team. 

With little to no experience with the starting offense, Dobbs ran onto the field courageously and confidently. Dobbs shocked Vikings fans, showing ultimate promise, and versatility. Trailing by a touchdown in the fourth quarter against the saints, Dobbs orchestrated a quick drive down the field, combining precision passes, quick scrambles, and ultimate game knowledge. The drive culminates in a game tying touchdown forcing the game into overtime. The Vikings ultimately succeeded in overtime, and Dobbs’ performance was a silver lining for all of Minnesota’s eyes. 

Dobbs’ knack for making plays when it matters most, evoked a spark in all Vikings fans to hope for a season turnaround. As Dobbs continues to settle into his role with the Vikings, the fans and the team are optimistic about his unique skill set, and formidable knowledge about the game. 

Many believed that Dobbs had the potential to completely transform the Vikings season, in a renewed sense of hope. Throughout his journey Dobbs showed his skill by showing that being ready to take on challenges can create huge opportunities. Dobbs was ready for the challenge presented, and took advantage of his chance. Only time will tell if this will define his legacy, but the remarkable story behind the game is one to tell.