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Education In Isolation

Posted 11/18/2020 by Trinity Doublin

Western State University Campus. photo by Isiah Williams

Colleges across the nation are struggling during this difficult time.

During the month of August, schools started back up after being closed due to the pandemic. It took a lot of decision making to just say it was safe to go back to school. Some universities are in-person learning, some are hybrid, and some are virtual. Regardless, the college experience for many has changed drastically. 

Isiah Williams, a freshman at Western State College, stated, “We have to wear a mask when we leave our rooms no matter where we go, and they don’t want groups bigger than four. Sports is kinda the same thing.” However, he added, “I think it’s good that we are wearing our masks and everything so we don’t get COVID and can stay at college to have a normal college experience.” At Williams College, there have been a lot of strict rules put in place. For instance, students have the opportunity to get tested 24/7. There are restrictions on when students can leave the dorms. As of October, students can leave to get food or go to class. In Colorado, the number of COVID cases has spiked on college campuses. The University of Colorado Boulder has seen the worst outbreak on a college campus. During a coronavirus update, Colorado Governor Jared Polis revealed that the university’s testing site had a 16% positivity rate. Due to the spikes on college campuses, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has expressed their concern on the spikes of COVID-19, and Trina Ruhland, representative of the Boulder County office, stated, “We’re asking students not to socialize at all.”  Without the ability to socialize, the typical college experience has been put on hold due to the pandemic.

Makiya Gales, a sophomore at Delaware State University, stated, “I have to get a temperature screening done every day and COVID test done twice a week in order to be able to practice; there’s not much activities and organization events happening on campus, and for the most part, those activities are virtual at the moment. Also, all classes are online.” Many colleges are allowing students on campus but are trying to keep students and staff safe through proper COVID-19 protocols. At the Delaware State University, there hasn’t been much of an increase in COVID cases, but they are still taking it seriously and still are required to do temperature checks and wear masks everywhere. However, other universities in Delaware have spiked in cases; campuses have begun to take extra precautions and shut down certain things in the city. For example, there have been way too many people at the beach, putting the area at a higher risk for COVID. They have also encouraged everyone that has gone out to a restaurant or to the beach to get tested for COVID and quarantine as needed. However, some private colleges in Delaware have decided to handle this pandemic differently. For example, Goldey-Beacom College is staying online and doesn’t plan on being in person. However, they are letting sports continue, but with extra caution. 

These measures that colleges are taking seem like they are helping. Colleges seem to be on their A-game and are going to be just fine during the COVID-19 pandemic.