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Fashion Week Comes Back to Denver

Posted 12/03/2021 by Lauren Maggio

Models from Mad Vintage walking down the runway. photo by Lauren Maggio

Denver Fashion Week returned for Fall 2021 including shows focused on sustainability.

Most people, despite how active they are in the fashion industry, have heard about fashion week somewhere in the world, with the most notable designers showing in New York, Paris and Milan. However, smaller cities in terms of the fashion industry have begun to participate in the fun of fashion week, including Denver.

Presented by 303 Magazine, the Denver Fashion Week Fall 2021 events started on November 16th and lasted until the 21st.  The first two days consisted of workshops for runway models and designers looking to establish a unique identity in the industry. The next three days were packed with shows from different designers. Each day had a different focus as well, with the first day focused on Ready to Wear fashion. The second day highlighted local designers, and the third, and final day, showed designers focused on sustainable fashion. All of the shows were open to the public with tickets available for purchase online. Before the shows began, people had the opportunity to get to know other people with similar interests conversing over snacks, drinks, and taking advantage of lots of photo opportunities. After a couple hours of socializing, the shows finally began.

The third day showcased four sustainable brands as well as brought attention to vintage and thrifted clothing. The show began with amazing repurposed clothing by Meraki and Nat. Their show included lots of colorful upcycled fashion, as well as a lot of patchwork. Every look sent down the runway was very different, making this show really fun to watch. Following Meraki and Nat was Killionare by Mo Kisale. These pieces were environmentally friendly and had a much more casual feel to them, making this collection feel more relatable to everyday people. Their style was very old school, including lots of letterman jackets and joggers. The next designer to show their work was Evan Stallworth with Mad Vintage. Every look in this collection was extremely different, making them very interesting to watch. Many of the looks contained trends from the decades, like high waisted flare pants from the 70s and vivid colors mostly seen in the 80s. After a funky collection from Mad Vintage, the sustainable shows finished with the brand False Ego by Jevon. This show was much more relaxed, and the designer utilized more neutral and calm colors. Every look included the brand’s logo styled in an interesting way. The designer also incorporated flowers and twigs as props for the models, helping him to achieve the outdoorsy feel he aimed for. This feeling of nature brought up in this final show was the perfect way to wrap up the night of sustainable fashion.

This amazing event allowed many small designers to showcase their hard work while highlighting local and sustainable brands. Denver Fashion week also gave many people the opportunity to watch astounding shows and support local and sustainable fashion, making this event a success.