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Fundraising Frenzy

Posted 12/10/2016 by Maddox Moran

The Class of 2019 retro design shirt will help promote sophomore fundraising. graphic courtesy of Anne McCord

TJ’s sophomore class has begun working with full vigor towards a solid future.

The class of 2019 is doing everything possible to fundraise for their prom, including making and selling T-shirts, among other activities. With support from teacher sponsors Kyler Jackson and Eric Perry, the students of ‘19 are fully prepared to face the challenges of fundraising. The goal that the parents have set is to raise $5000 or more, and so far the class of 2019 has already earned $800. To reach their goal, the parents are in the process of designing a t-shirt that will act as a throwback to TJ’s 1980’s style; it will feature Joe Spartan, and will be sold as a start for fundraising. The money generated from these shirts will go to the class of 2019’s after prom and other senior activities such as a banquet, breakfast, gifts for the school, and more. The winning class of this drive will receive money towards their prom.

The parents of the sophomore class just had their first gathering, meeting and introducing themselves to other parents. “[The meetings] were both really fun and a great way to meet other parents,” explained parent and co-PTO president Debi Kelley. She also mentioned how these gatherings were considered to be a great success for tightening the TJ community. The two dinners were graciously hosted by the Hougard family and the Bulger family. With these events, along with the hard work of the class of 2019, prom and senior activities will be within financial reach. For suggestions for the shirts or fundraising activities, contact or