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Girls' Golf Gears up

Posted 03/19/2008 by Scott Bruskin

The TJ girls’ golfers prepare to swing into a new season.

By Scott Bruskin

    The Girls golf’ team is back in action and ready to play, led by a team full of new and young faces. The team has no returning players from last year. Usually this means that they are due for a let down, but according to Head Coach Mark Smith, that is not the case. “This year the girls are more competitive and just seem to have that fiery edge that it takes to succeed in anything,” Smith said. However, the one thing Smith desires to teach the girls is an appreciation for the game. “I hope to instill my passion and integrity for the game into them.”    

    The girls started the season off a little slow, struggling in their first nine holes. The Spartans were lead by freshman Nicole Brown who shot a 69.  Following Brown was Chanel Beerumen who ended up with a 71 through nine. The girls’ team still has room for improvement as the season has barely gotten underway. Their next meet will be on March 17 at the DPS Spring Classic.

    Now that the season is underway, Smith sees potential in the golfers. “We have the possibility to build a solid team. Through a week and a half of practice, we have made great progress.” It should be known, though, that the girls are still young and still learning. “We are still trying to understand the odds and ends of golf,” said Smith. It looks as if the leader of the team will be their lone senior, Emily McBride. Smith can see flashes of talent in McBride, who is entering her first year on the team. The other players who could surprise people are junior Hall Hupperts, and Sophomore Talya Farnsworth.

    As far as Farnsworth is concerned, she could not be happier to be able to play. “My dad, my brother, and especially my grandma played golf, so they showed me how fun it could be,” Farnsworth exclaimed. “Once I realized I had somewhat of a knack for it, I really got into it.” What Farnsworth loves most about golf though is different from most people; “I love hitting that lucky shot, that hole in one, that is always the most entertaining.”

    TJ’s division has eleven other teams including South, North, West, East, Lincoln, George Washington, Kennedy, Matchbuffe, Denver Christian, Kent, and St. Mary’s. It looks as if Kent will be the favorite in a tough division.