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Girls On The Green

Posted 05/11/2024 by Makayla Vasquez

 The simple yet intricate game brings the girls’ golf team together. photo by Stephanie Sturm

As the spring semester quickly comes to an end, the girls’ golf team is back on the course for another great season. 

In the realm of high school sports, where football and basketball often steal the spotlight, there are often a few sports that receive less attention, one being the girls’ golf team. Despite its relatively low profile, girls’ golf offers a unique and rewarding experience for these athletes fostering personal growth, teamwork, and a love for the game. 

Led by Coach Stephanie Sturm, the team’s journey to success was marked by months of training and determination. Despite facing tough competition from rival schools, the players demonstrated exceptional focus throughout the season. Sturm stated that they “walk away from each tournament very surprised with their outcomes.” Sturm has been coaching the girls’ golf team for the last four years. She acquired the position by responding to an email sent out by athletic director Anne Rice with her interest. Sophomore Addison McCarthy, who has played golf since she was a toddler, claims she has had a great season so far. She is able to continue her passion for golf through the team here at Thomas Jefferson High School. 

With practices every day from 4:30-6:00 p.m., the team’s season has highlighted the importance of teamwork and unity. Each member has played a vital role, supporting one another through every swing and putt. Their strong bond and mutual encouragement were evident throughout the season, both on and off the course. The positive atmosphere between the girls’ is one that the players will remember for years to come. Senior Marissa Edwards has been playing golf for TJ since her freshman year and states that her favorite part of the team throughout the years was the people she spent time golfing with. Senior Sophia Zizzo has also been playing since her freshman year and enjoys “having a place to vent and people to go to.” Both seniors are in agreement that they will miss the people and environment golf gives to them after they graduate. McCarthy believes that the team is “always in a good mood and social with each other” which creates a fun environment for all. Along with previous seasons, the girls’ energy and passion for golf remains the same for many of the recurring players and the coach as seniors leave and new players join each season. The team averages in the top 10 during league meets with scores between the two and three hundreds. The girls’ placed fourth in their first Denver City League Tournament, seventh in their second league tournament and sixth in their fifth one. 

While the girls’ golf team is not in the spotlight as often as some of the other major sports, it proves to have a significant impact on the players and community. The few hours a day they spend together every week brings along lots of bonding time for the girls, creating an environment everyone looks forward to after the school day.