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Pooling Our Resources

Posted 10/06/2017 by Lucy Peterson

Poole helps senior Vasi Reiva with her college applications. photo by Andrew Villescas

Social Studies teacher turns to a new role as Thomas Jefferson’s Principal Intern.

After working as a social studies teacher at TJ for 14 years, Jon Poole has changed his course to work as a Principal Intern, learning the roles of other administrators such as Anne Rice’s Athletic Director position and Mike Laurita’s Dean of Students position. Additionally, Poole is working as an aid to students and focusing on those who are having trouble in school so they can get the right help that they need.

“[The role] is very different. It’s less structured but so far there is a lot to do,” Poole explained. Although he is still working as the Leadership instructor and boys’ soccer coach, Poole’s primary job is very student centered, focusing on making high school the best experience possible for the students. This includes getting them involved with homecoming and helping students find a tutor, making sure everyone feels as though they have something at school other than just academics. Principal Mike Christoff is excited to have Poole on the administrative team. “He has jumped right in and has been eager to learn. His focus on the student culture is a very important part of his job, and he’s doing really well.”

Poole also works to open doors for kids, helping them become more engaged and more successful at school, and in turn improving the school as a whole. He finds that if a certain percentage of students becomes more engaged, then the rest of the school will surely follow, as “the rising tide raises all ships,” Poole noted. While he works to seek out students who are in need of this aid, Poole’s resources are available to anyone who needs them. His office is located in the main office, and he encourages students to stop by and ask for help with academics or involvement in other extracurriculars that will enhance their high school experience. Senior and Leadership student Maia Freedberg appreciates the support provided by Poole. “He really cares about his students and wants to see them succeed, and he actively engages each of his students.” Poole continues to be an asset to TJ in many aspects, and the Spartan community is fortunate to have him in this new and important position.