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Love Letter to my Mom

Posted 12/03/2021 by Eliana Channell

My mom and I created another great memory on the colorful Race Street Pier. photo by Eliana Channell 

A small piece of gratitude to the woman who gave me life.

Dear Mom,

When I was born, you were there (duh). When I cry you are there. When I scream (sorry), you are there. When I laugh or smile, you are there. You mean the world to me and have molded me into the person I am today. Anytime I get the question about who my hero is, without hesitation, I think about you and your astonishing journey that led to the amazing person and mother you are now.

Mom, you are half of me genetically, and everyone knows we are almost exactly the same internally. You are a safe space and a big part of my world. You were the first person I knew how to love, and you led by example through how you love people with an unapologetic immensity. You are someone I lean on, you have encouraged me throughout my entire life, and you have been there for me through every hardship. You have raised me as a very capable and trustworthy young woman; someone that I know I can be proud of and you can be too.

You make me happy (almost) every time I see you, so here is just a little something that I hope will make you smile:

Mom, you bring me so much calm.
When you’re around I have but one qualm,
It’s when you’re gone.
Mom you are my favorite person,
I love you so much and you never make anything worsen.
Mom, you are my rock.
And you know I will always cherish our time when we walk and we talk.
You are truly beautiful inside and out,
You seem to always know the right route or the right way to go about
I will always trust you without a doubt
You put up with so much, including when I pout.
I hope you know I would do anything to make you smile,
Including coming home early on Friday nights to watch Downton Abbey for a while.
Mom, I know you love me lots, but always remember that you are my mother, and the way I love you is like no other.

While I know there is no possible way to express the amount of love I have for you, I hope this small act of appreciation will show you the importance you not only hold in my life, but also in my heart. If it wasn’t already clear, I love you to the moon and back.

All my love, your daughter

P.S. Dad, I love you too!