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Making a Difference One Leaf at a Time

Posted 03/10/2021 by Addison Smith

Tree-Plenish allows people to purchase trees for the Sustainability Club's Project. photo courtesy of Tree-Plenish

The TJ Sustainability Club Partnered Up with Tree-Plenish on a project to offset paper usage at TJ. 

Thomas Jefferson is known for its close, tight-knit community, so it is only natural that there are a wide variety of different clubs that the school can offer, including Black Student Alliance, Interact Club, and SkillsUSA. One of the most passionate clubs in the school is the Sustainability Club. The club—led by Georgia Hartley, the club’s president, Caitlin Beery, the club’s vice president, and Maggie Kennedy, the club’s sponsor—is committed to making TJ and the surrounding community more sustainable. The group has held many different events and projects for the community, the most recent one being a fundraiser for the Colorado Wildfire Relief Organization by selling masks with different designs. The Sustainability Club and the Interact Club were able to donate $504 to the relief organization. The club also has an Instagram account where they post sustainable facts, give more information on current projects, and give followers insight on different members in the club. 

The Sustainability Club is almost always working on a project at all times, and if not, it does not take long for the members to brainstorm new projects in which to participate . As of now, the club is working on a huge project: a tree replenishment project. The Sus Club (the colloquial term for the group) has partnered up with the Tree-Plenish, which is a  nonprofit that helps students make high schools more sustainable through student-led events that allow for the community to come together and make an environmental change. Tree-Plenish is partnering up with TJ to help offset the paper usage in the school by planting trees in the yards of those who request one or more trees.  For this project, anyone can help! Anyone in the Denver area can request a tree for $5, and a volunteer group will come to their house and plant the sapling(s) on May 1st of 2021; in addition, individuals can pick up and plant the tree themselves. There are two types of trees that can be purchased: the Eastern Redbud and the Quaking Aspen. These saplings are between 18-24 inches. Any number of trees can be purchased, and they can be either of the two types. Purchases can be made by going to the club’s instagram (tjsusclub) or the replenishment project’s website at Finding more information about the club or the event is simple.

The TJ Sustainability Club has a goal of planting 113 trees for the replenishment event. By planting 113 trees, there would be 1.1 million sheets of paper replaced in the community. The club is passionate about bringing positive change to the school and the local community, always looking for ways to bring sustainable ideas to the Denver area. As of now, the club has reached over 50% of their goal. The TJ Sus Club is close to their goal and is working hard every day to keep tree requests coming in, so do not be afraid to request a tree or even volunteer to plant them and help be a positive change in the TJ community.