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Mr. TJ 2008, Rescheduled For April 3

Posted 02/28/2008 by Julia Harrington

Date postponed so every contestant can participate.
by Julia Harrington

mrtjpic.jpg    Each high school is defined by its traditions and character. Thomas Jefferson High School seniors combine both for their annual Mr. TJ competition, which has been rescheduled for April 3, 2008.
     Mr. TJ is a pageant showcasing the talents and humor of 22 of the class of 08’s senior boys. The show was originally scheduled to be on February 29. Due to scheduling conflicts with the TJ Boys’ Basketball Squad’s playoff schedule, who has a game at the same time that night in which two of the contestants are involved, the show has been rescheduled. "The new date springs from scheduling conflicts, and that we wanted each person to be able to participate in as many activities as they can, to show our Spartan pride," said Principal Sandra Just.
    The new date, April 3rd, works for all the contestants involved. The Mr. TJ participants this year are: Seniors, Ryan Allen, Nelson Barry, Kellen Brewer, Adam Colean, Devon Fitzgerald, Cooper Hearne, Kelvin Henry, Marc Houghton, Kian Jost, Joe Langlee, Jonathan Lobato, Matthew Mankoff, Michael Mankoff, Brett Nathan, Darian Savage, DJ Short, Dylan Smith, Ian Frank-Squier, Justin Tara, Tyler Phan Thorton, Brian Walsh, and Krubiel Workie.
    The new date provides an opportunity for the boys to have an extra month to perfect their moves and make their performances seamless. "I’m looking forward to the talents of our young men shining through," said Just. This is one fundraiser that each person in the TJ community should be looking forward to.