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Never-Ending Talent

Posted 05/20/2020 by Kaylee Held

Nelson’s much used guitar hangs upon its stand on the wall. photo by Phillip Nelson

Though the last three months of school were canceled, the after school activities continue to live on through students’ passions.

One of TJ’s most beloved end-of-the-year events will always be the talent show. A fun way to end a Friday during the last month of school, it was an opportunity to show off the band, as well as individual acts. A relaxing barbecue always followed, providing free food and refreshments to the high school students. However, with COVID-19 disrupting everyday life, school was canceled, not to be seen again perhaps until August. With it went many traditional events. The loss of the last pep rally, prom, graduation, and spring games of the school year weighs heavily on students’ hearts, a reminder of the crazy state of the current world.

However, many students are still continuing with their hobbies, improving them even more with all the free time on their hands. This is exactly what some of the talent show contestants have been up to these days. The boredom of having nothing to do has driven them to practice even more —not for anything in particular, but for themselves.

The show was expected to be hosted by Tambyr Reed on May 15th. It would have, as usual, included a performance from the band. Students were to sign up for an audition just before school shut down, but unlucky timing canceled it right before it even began. Though the school year drew to an early, disappointing end, Thomas Jefferson’s students still continue to work hard and exceed expectations. For example, Phillip Nelson, sophomore, planned to perform the song “Eruption” by Van Halen on his guitar, which he’s been playing for the last two years. The unexpected pandemic is not stopping him, however. He has mastered several more songs since quarantine began. “I’ve learned “Spanish Caravan,” “Hot for Teacher,” “People Are Strange,”“Roadhouse Blues,” and “Green Onions.” I can’t think of all of them right now,” he admitted. Instead of abandoning his act, he has only continued to build off what it could have been. “I’m going to perform next year, but I don’t think it’ll be the same song,” he commented. Nelson participated in last year’s talent show, kicking it off with the famous “Hotel California” by the Eagles.

Even students who didn’t plan to take part in the talent show are improving their skills even more so. All across the world, teenagers stuck in their homes are learning how to paint, draw, play instruments and so much more. Though the global pandemic put real life on hold, hobbies continue to blossom and spread.