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New Faces Around TJ

Posted 12/10/2015 by Olivia Fullerton

The custodial works hard around the clock to make the campus shine. photo by Anja Oss

A look into the inner workings of the custodial community.

New changes in the custodial staff at Thomas Jefferson are positively impacting the environment of the Spartan community. With the new staff on board, there are many changes happening at the school as each new member works hard to keep the school shining brightly.

With the loss of several beloved staff members, adjustments in positions have been made with the simultaneous training of new employees. Those joining the staff include Karen Hobden, Michael Bann, Adam Archuleta, Cristian Orozco Suarez, Anthony Cuellar, May Fong, Erik Lopez, and Antonia Maynes, who have been undergoing training as they make the transition into working at TJ. Archuleta was quick to state his excitement of working at TJ mentioning, “the staff is awesome.” The facility manager for the custodial team, Jairo Romero Andrade, has been in charge of making the new personnel as experienced as possible. Andrade is currently attempting to bring his team closer together so that they can work to the best of their abilities. “It’s a challenge, we just need to be patient,” said Andrade.

The absence of such experienced members of the staff has brought about optimistic feelings as many have hope that the new staff will be as good as the last. Many previous employees worked at TJ for several decades, “(They) knew what needed to be done, they were reliable, dependable and really easy to work with and trust,stated Andrade. With the quick transition of the new staff, Andrade hopes that his staff will be able to meet high expectations reached in the past. Records secretary Cynthia Allen, who was close to many of the previous members, commented that although she will miss them, she is excited for the new group of people as they “are a welcome addition to our TJ family.” Recently retired custodian Victor Evans departed TJ in mid November and one of the new staff members, Archuleta, has since temporarily taken his place. Archuleta is really enjoying being a part of the new staff and every day is working to become better at the position and increase the overall reliability of the team as positions are still being filled.   

Victor Evans previously held the position of assistant facilities manager working close with Andrade. Having been a fixture at the school for 18 years, his absence is noted by several staff members. Allen remarked that “Victor is a very kind man and I only hope the best for him, we are really going to miss him around here,” said Allen. She further added that, “it’s tough, I know everybody notices the changes,” Applicants for Evans’ position are being carefully selected to make sure they are a good fit for the team and school. Previously working in the evening, Evans was Andrade’s “right hand guy, a person that (he) could trust.” Throughout the years TJ has changed and developed the custodial staff, making sure the environment was always positive and sparkling clean.

Through this transition, the entire staff is learning to work together and hopes to bond more in the future. Even though the loss of many familiar employees has altered the work environment, the new faces are quick to fill in, making for another great year of custodial work and a beautiful and clean campus.