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New Focus on Leadership

Posted 09/14/2010 by Hayden Johnson

TJ’s new class helps seniors lead the school and become active in the community.

Photo by Hayden Johnson

Social Studies Teacher Jon Poole has introduced a new course to TJ this year that focuses TJ Seniors’ attention on leading the school and being a positive role models for younger students.

The leadership class was implemented in hopes of igniting a sense of school pride and spirit among the Class of 2011. Poole says the purpose of the course is to, “Provide leadership for the Class of 2011 by supporting Student Council in their efforts to create a school-wide sense of pride in TJ, and to increase the amount of student-sponsored and student-lead events promoting school culture and increasing community relations.” The leadership class works hand-in-hand with TJ Student Council and TJ faculty members in order to reintroduce new and old traditions that inspire school pride and unity.

Another goal for the new class is to teach senior students leadership skills that can be incorporated not only inside TJ, but also beyond the campus in the real world, after completing high school. “The class is great. It not only helps me get involved in my school, but it also helps me to know how to take initiative and accomplish successful results in projects I am a part of outside of school,” said Senior Marelle Davey.

TJ's Senior Class of 2011 smiles for the camera at the sleep out. Photo by Jon Poole

So far, members of the class have been able to orchestrate and complete many successful school and community projects. Some examples of these are the Senior Sleep-out, which brought together the Class of 2011 for a last summer night of fun and bonding, and the Freshman Breakfast in which Seniors woke up early to welcome incoming freshman with smiling faces and breakfast on their first day of school. Students from the class also cooked breakfast for many of the faculty members to show appreciation for their hard work.

Students in the class have many responsibilities on which they must follow up, in order to ensure their spot in the class. “Students are required to volunteer outside of regular class time such as appearing at back to school night, school open houses, and other school events,” said Poole. The students in the leadership course were hand picked by Poole himself because of the responsibility and maturity they have shown throughout their years here at TJ.

This class hopes to help the TJ community along with giving the students the worldly experience of leading and participating in community service and business projects. “The goal of the class is to increase pride and spirit in TJ while teaching these students that it takes strong, coherent leadership with a strong supporting group from the student body to make schools successful,” said Poole, who added, “Good schools are a result of good, dedicated students.”  Poole says he believes that the students in this class will become the dedicated force necessary to make TJ a great school.