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“Oh, The Places You’ll Go”

Posted 05/23/2023 by Makayla Vasquez

Graduates throw their caps into the air, symbolizing their excitement as they finish high school. photo by Eileen Adair

The end of the year brings fun events that build the TJ community and help send the seniors off on their next big adventure.

The first normal year back in school after COVID is quickly coming to an end and high school traditions and events are also coming back. In the midst of everyone’s eagerness to wrap up the year and leave for summer break, the school also concluded the year with some of their final fun events. Within the month of May, there have been many exciting activities, including the talent show, backyard bash, and picking up yearbooks. 

This year’s seniors were able to participate in many more activities than previous years due to COVID starting their freshman year. Prom had an amazing turnout on the rooftop of the Denver Athletic Club, thanks to parents and Social Studies teacher Nic Long and social worker Annie Berg. After Prom – a returning prom tradition – had an incredible turnout. Hosting After Prom has recently been challenging because of COVID. While students didn’t know what to expect and some were hesitant to attend, those who went ended up having a ton of fun. The parents did a wonderful job organizing an event for students, with everything ranging from mini golf and ping pong to winning big prizes and even a casino room. The inspiration for holding an after prom was to focus on fun and safety for students. “The purpose was that if kids are here between the hours of midnight and 3am, they are less likely to make poor decisions and we can keep them safe,” explained assistant principal Jon Poole. Parents wanted their kids to be able to enjoy their special prom night without getting themselves into trouble. 

Student culture is what makes TJ stand out. With no restrictions, students are able to participate and rebuild that sense of culture and community outside of school hours. The collaboration between leadership, administration, and parents is what brings everything to life.  One such example of these events was the Talent Show. A show full of excitement and creativity was put together this year; performances ranged from solo songs to group bands, dancing and even juggling colorful balls in the dark. A unique show was put together this year, and performers did a wonderful job on their chosen act, creating incredible positive energy in the room. In addition to the wonderful performers, the sound system was fixed leading up to the showthanks to Audio Production teacher Mark Mallaney and CCT teacher Jonathan Howard. Following the talent show was the Backyard Bash. Since the weather did not allow the Backyard Bash to be outside like previous years, everything was moved inside into the gym and cafeteria.This included everything from bouncy castles and volleyball to hot dogs and karaoke, and many people were drawn towards the fun. This was also a useful method for seniors to get their yearbooks signed on their official last day of high school. 

Now, the class of 2023 prepares themselves for the next step of their lives after finally graduating, whether it be college or career. As seniors move into adulthood, the TJ community wishes them good luck with the next chapter of their lives!