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Outstanding Seniors

Posted 05/14/2018 by Andrew Villescas

Seniors receive their awards and enjoy a wonderful evening with their classmates. Photo by Randall Nakagawa

Seniors are acknowledged for their achievements in high school.

On Tuesday, May 1st, a select group of Thomas Jefferson High School seniors from the graduating class of 2018 gathered at the Courtyard Marriot Hotel in celebration of everything they have accomplished throughout their high school careers. Students were recognized for their many achievements, ranging from rightfully earned scholarships to academic success in each department, as well as athletic excellence on and off the field/court.

Upon arrival, students invited to the award ceremony, along with their guests, were welcomed to a buffet of dinner and desserts. As dinner commenced, the faculty in attendance were given the opportunity to deliver heartfelt memories about each recipient. The ceremony began with the acknowledgment of many incredible scholarships, such as the DPS Retired Employees Association Scholarship, the Daniels Fund Scholarship, the Robert Sullivan Scholarship, the Rotary Scholarship, and the Boettcher Scholarship. The Boettcher Scholarship, which senior Molly Jordan Little received, has not been awarded to a TJ student since 2011. The scholarship will pay for Little’s tuition, room and board, and any textbooks she will need throughout her studies. Little stated, “I feel incredibly fortunate to be awarded such a prestigious scholarship.The Boettcher community will provide not only free college, but a path to success in any career I may choose.”

As the night progressed, each academic department presented the award of “outstanding senior” in that subject to one or two seniors who have exemplified the Spartan values in the classroom. This prompted them to receive a certificate and a plaque to showcase their tremendous passion. Principal Mike Christoff stated, “It seemed like everyone was having a good time at this year’s Senior Awards banquet. The new venue had a good amount of space and a great view. I’m very proud of the senior class and all their accomplishments and I look forward to hearing about all their successes down the road.”

Every year, the seniors look forward to Senior Awards Night in hopes to be invited and recognized for all of their hard work. The class of 2018 has certainly left its mark on TJ. Although it is difficult for some to begin their final goodbyes to the Spartan community as graduation approaches, many are excited to begin the next chapter of their lives.