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Packers Struggle for Love

Posted 10/20/2023 by Nate Bolinske

Jordan Love keeps his head high after a well fought loss against the Eagles. photo by Jeffery Phelps

Packers across the world questions their quarterback’s credibility.

Jordan Love, once a runner-up backup quarterback for Aaron Rodgers, is now stepping up to the starting line for the Green Bay Packers. Love had seen little time on the field prior to his start in 2023, but watched the end of Rodger’s career with Green Bay from 2020-2022. 

Before the 2023 season, the only real show of Love’s skills was shown against the Eagles after Rodgers was forced to limp off the field in the third quarter. The score was 34-23 and the Packers needed at least two scoring drives to come back. Love came on the field and showed exceptional promise. Love had 11:11 left on the lock when he walked on the field, he immediately made offensive plays. From a seven yard reception to Allen Lazard, to a fifty-six yard reception to Christian Watson for a touchdown. A quick defense stop, and a fifty five yard kick reception brought Love all the cards he needed to beat the highly ranked Eagles. Love took advantage and brought yet another scoring drive to Green Bay. Unfortunately the Packers couldn’t capitalize on defense and lost 40-33. Standing tall, Love finished six-nine for 113 yards and a touchdown. This performance brought some faith in Love’s character as a Packer to coaches and fans. 

Was Jordan Love the guy for the Packers? Love’s ill experience in a real NFL Game is now being shown going into Week eight of the NFL. Love’s first seven starts has resulted in a two and five record for the Packers, and multiple tough losses. Although many NFL fans thought Love would do alright during his first season, seven games have shown different. Love has a quarterback rating of 79.4, the fifth lowest among NFL quarterbacks. During Rodgers upbringing after Brett Favre’s leave, he was 94.2 in quarterback ratings and led the Packers four and three into week seven, in his first year. 

This brings up the question to every Packers fan, and Green Bay, whether or not to make a decision with Jordan Love’s status as starting quarterback. How long will it be until fans know Jordan Love isn’t the guy? The first step is to examine the clear issues the Packers have dealt with during the 2023 season. First off, their weakness in quarterback reliability. Jordan Love has extremely low accuracy across the board with all of his passes. 15.5% of Jordan Love’s throws were thrown off target so far this season, and having this weakness allows for unsuccessful scoring drives, as well as potential for the seven interceptions thrown by Love so far this year. Jordan’s accuracy hasn’t been exceptional, so it’s brought down the team. 

The Packers are a solid all around team, with an exceptional running game, and lock down defense. In the Packers past seven games, they have lost by one to four points in four of their games. Jordan Love and his offense are an overall work in progress, but if Jordan Love can clean up his accuracy, and overall reliability as a quarterback, the Packers can succeed.