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Peace Panel Organizes First Event of Kind at TJ

Posted 04/27/2009 by Vince Crespin

With the first annual peace week being introduced to TJ, the Peace Panel has high hopes for the week’s activities.

peace-week_smallWith a specialized event for each day scheduled, the Peace Panel has stepped up and accepted the challenge of increasing the equality within TJ.  An idea spawned and presented by TJ Junior Andrew Craig, the aims for the week are simple. “Peace Week is where we promote peace in all aspects. We just want the students of TJ to be more accepting of the different styles of life, regardless of what they are, where they are from, or what their preferences happen to be,” said Craig.

Monday the 27th of April (the first day of peace week), is Compassion International Day, where the group will raise funds for nations in need across the globe.  Wednesday is Tolerance Day, where students will be asked to write cultural, orientation, and ethnic stereotypes on a peace of paper and discard them into a trashcan, displaying the tolerance and peace of each individual.  Thursday will be Green Day, symbolizing peace with the Earth, and advocating green decisions such as recycling and reducing carbon emissions.  Friday will be Heritage Appreciation Day where students will have the opportunity to wear clothes or symbols representing  their heritage, celebrating everyones uniqueness, and culminating with an overall celebration for everything the prior days have accomplished, and will conclude Friday, 8th period with a school assembly.

The Peace Panel, the organizers of this week-long event, has been looking forward to this project for a while. “We are very excited about the range of possibilities that Peace Week can accomplish. I am very proud of the idea and the work the Panel has put in to accomplish it,” stated Craig.

English Teacher Jeff Almond, faculty sponsor of the Peace Panel, feels good about the work his club has done. “Peace Week is an ambitious and large project being lead by good kids in the Peace Panel. We all should be proud of them,” commented Almond.

Peace Panel, founded by Craig and Matthew Averyhart, is a select group of students that has come together with the goal of spreading awareness that there are other kids who are in need of finding a peaceful outlet from everyday problems, and connect them with peers who are trained to help them through difficult situations. The Panel was formed earlier this year.