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Poinsettias, Poinsettias, Get Your Poinsettias!

Posted 11/22/2008 by Rhea Boyd

The science department starts its annual poinsettia sales to raise money for the classes.
by Rhea Boyd

Poinsettas_SMALL.jpg    With the holiday season approaching, TJ’s Science Department and its students are selling poinsettias until December 5.

    Students in any of the science classes have a chance to sell the poinsettias to friends, family, neighbors, etc. The money raised from the sales will go towards the TJ Science Department.

    “We use the profits to expand our resources,” Biology Teacher Kirk Hammond said.

    Denver Public Schools appoints a certain budget for TJ’s Science Department in January. If there are items needing to be purchased outside the budget the department uses the money raised from the fundraiser. Plants and animals used in the Biology and Zoology classes are usually purchased with the poinsettia money. In previous years, the money has bought a digital microscope with high-tech features such as a built in camera.

    The poinsettias are being sold for 12 dollar each. The leafy foliage comes in both red and white.

Anyone interested in purchasing a poinsettia can contact any student in a science class. Money and order forms need to be turned in by December 5.