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Season Finale Extraordinaire

Posted 02/24/2008 by Keenan Moore

The Lady Spartans devastate the North Vikings.

By Keenan Moore

aaballin.jpgThe Lady Spartans ended their season on a high note as they defeated the North Vikings  in a blowout, by a score of 74-17.
    The Ladies devastated the Vikings in almost every category, from points to steals. The girls used the defeat that they sustained from the Montbello Warriors in their last game as a powerful motivator in this matchup. The Spartans came out ready to play, as they quickly put up 12 points on the Vikings before they could answer with a point of their own. It seemed as if the Spartans were always one step ahead of the Vikings and that they always knew where the ball was going. TJ had a record 18 steals and converted many of these opportunities into points of their own. The girls also scored 74 points, which beats their previous single game score by 25 points. Lastly, their defense seemed to be impenetrable, for the Vikings were only able to manage 17 points in the whole game.  The Spartans ended their regular season with a bang, which can only mean that bright things are in store for this team next season.
    The were able to get out of their early season slide by going 4 for 5 in their last 5 games. It took some time for the Lady Spartans to bond together as a team, but as the season progressed, you could see that they were slowly starting to improve in almost every aspect of their game. Towards the end of the season, there was nothing that could stop the Spartans, as both their defense and offense had a sudden explosion of talent. This game ends what turned out to be a successful season, and with their young talent and more experience the program looks to have even more success in the next few years.