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Sharpen Your Pencils, Sharpen Your Mind

Posted 12/12/2019 by Madelyn Staples

Academic writing sometimes poses problems for students, but creative writing can provide an important outlet. photo by A.J

Finally, cracking down on the stereotypes of writing; here are the true facts.

How do you express yourself? How do you open up about your feelings? How do you relieve your stress? Although these questions seem as though they were asked by a school counselor or a therapist, they have a potential resolution: writing. People often associate the act of writing with school; however, the misinterpreted art of writing has the potential to be the most beautiful way of expressing oneself inside or outside a school environment. The power of a well executed piece is ineffable because of how it can alter people’s lives by simply stringing sentences together. 

Writing can be split into several areas covering all aspects of what people love, such as poems, short stories, essays, free writing, narratives, and so many more. Many choose to free write as it is the quickest way to jot thoughts down (commonly known as journaling). Poems can be more emotional or more impactful as a smaller form of writing. Types of poetry include haiku, limerick, free verse, sonnets, etc. Short stories are creative writing pieces based on fictional or non-fictional topics. Well known writers of short stories include Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King. Narratives are stories that are usually told by the author in first person or written memories.

Passion is one of the main motivators that drive one to express how they are feeling in one way or another. Schools should allow more opportunities for students to write about a topic of their choice. In reality, writing is one of the most inspiring and life changing forms of art. Writing is healthy when it is presented in one’s free time. It is also one of the few things in the world that can alter the mind or the actions of hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people. Writing is one of the most impactful forms of art history has ever known, and having the stress put on it for school is unacceptable. The writing that is taught and required doesn’t allow students to describe or share what they are passionate about. Academic writing can carry a lot of pressure and negative thoughts. This is common because students may feel as though teachers take the fun out of writing, so it isn’t enjoyable anymore. Students are given prompts on books, plays, short stories, essays, and are graded on their interpretation of these writings that students might not care about. Writing in school needs to revisit the fun and creativity that it once had in elementary school in order to show kids everywhere how creative and stress relieved they can be. If the education system is able to infuse the idea of writing as positive and really test students to show their creativity, then students would be more likely consider jobs in creative writing. The teaching of writing is of course required, but writing could be a more positive experience if education systems keep the personal aspects of writing. Combining imagination with the structure given to students in school, the negative thoughts associated with writing can be eliminated.

 Writing can be an outlet to help relieve stress and ease the mind. The world can seem much more clear when all the negative or overwhelming thoughts are no longer at the forefront of the mind. Writing has the power to take away everyday stresses from a person. Creating revolutionary pieces can not only open the reader’s eyes, but also the writers’ eyes.

One can also ease stress by listening to music, but music is actually a hidden form of writing. Music allows one to forget the world, and for some, plunge deep into thought. Have you ever read a certain part of a book, poem, or song that you can relate to? Has that sentence or lyric hit deep within your soul, making you feel like you’re not the only person who feels a certain way? It’s all writing. Writing allows people to express themselves. If someone cannot find something that they relate to, they can create something for themselves. This process is how most songs are composed. Music is a common way people of all ages are able to escape the physical world and relax. Without poetic masterpieces like music, there would probably be more stress, anxiety, and self harm throughout society’s youth. 

 Writing can be the most relaxing, and the most powerful thing one can do. Words change lives. Without the great writings of speeches, songs, poetry, or plays, history as we know it could be completely different. Imagine the world without the Gettysburg Address, or the I Have a Dream speech. Writings like these can change the course of history, while also changing people’s lives. Creating something impactful isn’t hard, people just have to find the one thing inside that they care about and scribble down ideas.