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Shooting for the Stars

Posted 12/01/2016 by Reagan Tucker

The Lady Spartans look ahead to a promising season. photo by Adna Adrovic

The Lady Spartans basketball team returns with more pride, stronger plays, and a fierce attitude.

Ready to begin another phenomenal basketball season for the 2016-2017 school year, the Lady Spartans are stronger and more prepared than ever. Varsity ended last season with a 19-5 record, Junior Varsity with 12-2, and C Team with 4-8; the girls are eager to jump right into this year’s games. Head coaches Damien Allen, Caitlyn Zeiler, and assistant coach Kathryn Kindle have combined different plays and tactics to make this season the best it can be. With a majority of the varsity squad being juniors, the girls’ chemistry will shine through this year, considering they’ve all been playing together since they were freshmen.With a hopeful synergy, the team strives to meet their goals.

As Allen’s fifth year coaching approaches, his love for the game will be apparent when it comes to plays. Practices consist of skilled drills where fundamentals are the top priority and focus. The strength of the team depends upon how well they can pursue and exhibit their roles and skills, as well as communication. Dribbling with two hands, being able to recognize situations, offense running, conditioning, and chemistry are some of the fundamentals Allen hopes to work towards improving. “My goal this season is to be a great teammate,” said Junior Zoya Robbins. “You always have a better season when you’re a positive teammate. I can honestly say the happier I am, the more I score and rebound.” Having lost in the first round of playoffs last season, the team’s goal this year is to be in the next round of playoffs and end up in the State Championship game. With a majority of the girls being returning players, they all have experience when it comes down to an intense game; the girls have a lot of effort, time, and practice to put in before they’ll be able to qualify. “The most important thing to keep in mind would be to never stop trying, even when you mess up, you can come back stronger,” stated junior Ariel Shunneson. With numerous hours of team bonding on and off the court, the girls have brought their team closer together. These moments will be savored amongst the players because after this season, the team won’t be the same after losing some seniors. Allen remarked, “I always tell them some of you will play basketball in high school and you won’t play further than that, so enjoy it. Every time you take the floor, play like it’s the last time you’re ever going to do it and just enjoy being a high school basketball player.”

The first game of the season will be held at the Vista Peak Bison Bash against Sierra High School, a team that qualified for state last year. “It will be a good test for us to start the season because it will really let us know where we are,” stated Allen. With growing aspirations, the girls basketball team is entering the season with a positive attitude and numerous hours of practice in tow.