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Spartan Spirit

Posted 02/10/2023 by Kira Kennedy

graphic by Shana Saint-Phard

Students get creative with a fun week of events for the whole community.

The Thomas Jefferson High School spirit week will be full of events and fun spirit days, along with Challenge Day for juniors and seniors. The week will kick off on Monday with PJs and stuffies day, where students can wear sleepwear and bring their favorite stuffed animal to come and hang out with you for the day. The movie Toy Story will be playing in room 111 during lunch with popcorn and blankets available for students. Luckily for TJ students, Spirit Week also happens to be the week of Valentine’s Day where students will wear certain colors on Tuesday to show the status of their relationship: white for single, pink for complicated, and red for taken/in a relationship. Valagrams and Galentines will be passed out throughout the day and are available to buy during lunch up until the 14th. If students would like to make their valagram more special, they can hand make one at lunch in room 111 on Tuesday to be passed out during the last periods of the day. On Wednesday students should dress up as either a classic BBQ dad or the iconic soccer mom, where they will face off in a trivia game during lunch to see who truly is the best and smartest. Thursday is Fake an Injury Day, where students can get creative with makeup to create a black eye or use crutches or a knee brace. As usual, Friday is TJ day, where all students will represent TJ and seniors get a chance to show off their decorated overalls. The pep rally will be from 2:00 to 2:45 and will focus on recognizing the winter sport athletes. The week will end with the Jamaican Jam volleyball tournament, where students can put together a co-ed team with their friends and compete in volleyball games from 6:30 – 8:00 to win a prize.

This Spirit Week has more original and creative days than previous years which will hopefully encourage participation from the student body. The Leadership class was assigned to pick four days out, since Friday is always TJ day. TJ junior Laila Hilton has been in the Leadership class for three years now. “Spirit Week is a way to incorporate school spirit and to the happenings around us in the school and we base our ideas on that.” Hilton explained when talking about how the themes of the days came about. Students are hoping to have high participation, not only with the themes but also with the events during and after school. The Jamaican Jam volleyball tournament is the most anticipated event of the week. TJ counselor and one of the teachers for the Leadership class, Erin Thompson is most excited for the Jam. Thompson explained “we have already had a couple teams sign up, but I have heard a lot of the students talk about getting a team together to play.”

 Last year Leadership put on a glow in the dark volleyball tournament that was a huge success and they are hoping to recreate that again. Overall the Leadership class has put a lot of work into this spirit week and they are trying to get the TJ community excited for it with all the posters in the halls and going on Spartan Edition every day.