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Spartans Dominate the Vikings

Posted 02/24/2008 by Philip Karlberg

TJ Basketball gets an easy win against Denver North, 76-42.

By Phillip Karlberg

aballin.jpgThe Thomas Jefferson Boys’ Basketball team performed impressively in their game against North on Friday night, beating the Vikings 76-42.
The first quarter was the most damaging blow to North as TJ started out with a strong offense scoring an impressive 22 points, while North was held to a meager four points. Eight minutes in and TJ already had a 18 point lead. In the second quarter, North finally got some offense going but still could not lock down the Spartans charge. In the second quarter TJ went 23 to North’s 11, bring the score at half-time to 45-15. Ahead by thirty points, the Spartans were pretty confident going into the second half. North made it’s most successful attempt at turning the game around in the third quarter, but they still came up two points short, scoring 16 to TJ’s 18. The fourth was the final straw to break North’s back, as the relaxed and confident Spartans held North to only 11 points while scoring 13 of their own. When the buzzer rang the victors were clear, TJ finished with 76 points, holding the Vikings to 42, a 34 point deficit.
     North simply could not keep up with the TJ offense. "We played too fast for them throughout the game." explained Sophomore Billy Sprague, he went on to explain the importance of the first quarter, "When they finally got some offense going we were too far ahead." Sprague scored 12 points in the game. Sophomore Chris Carter lead the scoring with 17 points followed by Senior Krubiel Workie with 16. On the defensive end of the court, Senior Kevin Barbour pulled eight rebounds followed by Sprague with 7 and Workie with 6. With the regular season coming to a close, certain players have shown some impressive stats. Billy Sprague has closed the season with a total of 250 points and 119 rebounds. Sophomore Ray Riley scored 240 points and had 53 assists. Senior Krubiel Workie scored a total of 230 points with 90 rebounds and Sophomore Chris Carter closed with 215 points and 94 rebounds.
     TJ has now brought its record to 15-8, winning nearly two games for every lost. If the Spartans can keep up their intensity in the post season they have a good chance go far. The boys have high hopes for what the playoffs could bring and with a little luck and more hard work, their dreams could be a reality.