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Terrific Tarullo

Posted 12/08/2020 by Avery LoJacono

Tarullo fuels her love for the outdoors as she hikes with her dog. photo courtesy of Nicole Tarullo

One of TJ’s new additions is filled with positivity and passion.

The 2020-2021 school year has gifted the Thomas Jefferson community with many new additions to the staff. Nicole Tarullo, one of TJ’s new teachers, has been able to successfully find her place at TJ from home. Although COVID-19 has restricted Tarullo from interacting with her colleagues and students, she is still committed to creating bonds with her students and peers, even through the screen. 

Tarullo has been teaching for 20 years in Connecticut, Miami, Colorado, and even in the Caribbean, and had most recently taught at Merrill Middle School in Denver. She is currently teaching math at TJ. She had heard great things about the culture and community at TJ from past and current staff members and is teaching Integrated Math I and II. Her ability to adapt to the new and unexpected learning environment in a new school shows how determined Tarullo is about teaching her students.

Tarullo was raised in Thomaston, Connecticut, where she later returned to teach after college. She attended Springfield University originally undecided about her major, but chose to study business. Thankfully her roommate was studying elementary education, which she found to be much more interesting, and was able to find a new passion for teaching, specifically teaching mathematics. “I wanted to make the world a better place and I figured it would be a ripple effect, where if I change one life for the better, they would change other people’s lives for the better,” explained Tarullo. She finished her education at University of Miami for Graduate School.

Outside of the virtual classroom, Tarullo has the characteristics of a true Coloradan. Throughout her life, she has enjoyed being outdoors and staying active. “I love strength training, pilates, and eating healthy. Once upon a time, I was a personal trainer and yoga instructor, so being fit and healthy has carried over from that over the years,” she explained. Her passion for teaching reaches outside of the classroom. After coming out to Colorado, Tarullo was able to entertain her love for the outdoors by hiking, snowboarding, gardening, and just enjoying being outside. Moving to Colorado was a different experience compared to the lifetime of being surrounded by the ocean, but the invitation from the mountains was strong enough to move; she is always ready for an adventure. “I moved to Colorado to surround myself with the beauty of the mountains. Colorado is amazing, I am never leaving.”

Tarullo has grown up with a loving family that has always been incredibly important to her. She is 100% Italian, which entails lots of noise, good food, and love. It is no surprise that her family has contributed to her compassion for those around her, making her the perfect fit for a teacher. Her family and friends have helped her become the caring person she is today. While her students make up the majority of the TJ community she has been able to interact with, her positive attitude will spread throughout the school effortlessly. 

TJ welcomes Tarullo with wide arms, as her positivity is contagious. Her humor can be read through emails and she is always enthusiastic; our school is grateful for the opportunity to have her become a new member of the staff at TJ. We are excited to see what she has to offer at our school and hope she continues to thrive in our community.