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The Best Week on Earth

Posted 04/20/2022 by Caitlin Quinney

Earth week provides our community with the opportunity to give back to the Earth. photo by Tascha Rassadornyindee

Starting April 16th to the 22nd, people gather together to celebrate and give back to our planet.

Every year, on April 22, people from all over the globe celebrate the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. Many use this day as a day of education regarding environmental issues, learning how they can help protect the planet from problems like pollution and deforestation. This day is known as Earth Day, although many people extend the anniversary to make it Earth Week. This week of celebration typically runs from April 16th to Earth Day on April 22nd. The purpose of extending Earth Day to a week is to dedicate more time to educating people about current environmental issues and approaches society can take to help. 

Earth Week has become such an important celebration because it recognizes the harm humans are capable of causing while showing the massive amounts of global support for the preservation of the Earth. This celebration began as an idea for teach-ins at colleges and universities to educate people about the environmental impacts of human practices, and the movement itself was backed by Senator Gaylord Nelson. Just one year after the first Earth Day, 25% of Americans believed it was important to protect the environment, and as years continue, many more citizens celebrate it along with the passing of more national environmental policies. As claimed by the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Environmental Center, “Throughout the past years, people have come together to help pass national environmental policies including the Clean Air Act, the Water Quality Improvement Act, the Endangered Species Act, the Toxic Substances Control Act, and the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act.” Every year, this special week continues to influence major national policies, along with actions and habits the public can engage in to upkeep the health of the planet. 

For numerous years in the past, many greenliving-focused events have been held throughout Earth Week. A certified green company known as FlexJobs, that advertises the importance of keeping our community green and healthy, is committed to environmentally responsible practices. They focus on giving many examples and ideas as to how individuals can help make a difference. “People inspired by Earth Week can do their part for the world in a variety of ways. Recycling, conservation projects, clean energy use, supporting nonprofits and green companies are all ways individuals can incorporate the spirit of Earth Week into their lives throughout the year.” By committing to simple and everyday activities like recycling, reusing, reducing, and nature conservation in general, the community would be able to make a huge difference and beneficial impact on the earth. According to a study done by FlexJobs, “The environmental and community impact from the current telecommuting population of 3.9 million telecommuters who work from home at least half-time saves $1.5 billion a year. The greenhouse gas reduction savings is equivalent to taking over 600,000 cars off the road for a year.” Taking small measures towards a green community adds up in the long run and continues to make such a huge difference when it comes to curbing pollution and protecting the earth. 

Taking care of the Earth is tremendously important, because the planet offers every primary obligation for survival. It provides water in order to drink and function, air in order to breathe, and soil in order to grow vegetation. By protecting the Earth, healthy ecosystems are created as the foundation of all civilization leading to sustainable economies. Humans have always used the Earth to fulfill their wants and gains, being very dependent on the gifts the planet has provided for them. Therefore, when the resources are in danger, humans will not be able to survive without them. The planet is the future, and for that reason, humankind needs to come together and give back to the planet. This upcoming Earth Week, individuals are encouraged more than ever to educate themselves about conservation, climate change, global warming, and the importance of long-term ecological sustainability. Society is also encouraged to participate in activities that help maintain a clean habitat. A couple ideas involve volunteering for the good of the planet, planting trees, driving less, walking and biking more, and choosing sustainable practices!