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The Final Home Run

Posted 11/01/2016 by Megen Priest

TJ's softball girl softball team huddles up for another great game. photo by Andrew Seidenstat

Thomas Jefferson’s softball team shows off their skills in the 2016 season.

With an overall record of 19-4, TJ’s softball team had a stellar season. Due to gaining seven new players this year, the team continued the success they achieved last year. Along with adding new players, last year’s players improved on their skills and used past knowledge to help the newcomers. Junior and pitcher Zoya Robbins said “Our team’s strength is ultimately what we can do at the plate, we are an offensively amazing team, When we’re all on, it feels like we could beat any team in this state.”

Robbins, who has a .500 average, was nominated for 9 News’ Play of the Week during her first game of the season, competing against other athletes across the state. “This softball season has been a roller coaster, we’ve been winning a lot, so games we didn’t win hurt,” explained Robbins. Nonetheless, the girls have grown from it, and they used that to play harder.

Having played against the South Rebels on September 19th, the Spartans won 20-0. Not only did the team beat South, but they also played one of TJ’s biggest rivals, East High School, on September 27th, where TJ took the win 14-5. Throughout the season, the lady Spartans fought hard under the direction of coach Kyler Jackson. Jackson has coached TJ’s softball team for 11 years, and has greatly improved the Spartans’ playing skills. Jackson explained how this has made them “all-state quality players.” Having coached most of the girls their whole softball career, he’s been able to track the girls progress as they improve as players.

Impressively ranking 31st in Colorado, and having improved their skills, the girls headed to state for the first time in 10 years, playing Valor High School, one of their biggest rivals. Although they lost to Valor, the team says they “didn’t feel like they lost,” due to how hard they fought with an ending score of 7-3. The girls are working hard to come back next year and show other teams, along with Valor, how they’ve improved.

Ending the season with a record of 19-4 and 31st in state, the girls did a great job and are eager to come back next year. Awaiting state next year, the girls are working hard to make their way to the top and beat their new-found rivals.