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The Solution for a Failing Democracy

Posted 05/05/2023 by Ravi Apte

A rogue test subject lurks in a musky tunnel beneath a Denver high school. His intentions remain unknown. photo By Shana Saint-Phard

Join the effort to change the course of humanity. 

All over the world, governments struggle for control over people. France has seen protests on every Paris street for the past month with no end in sight. Here in America, people are more divided than ever, and the political atmosphere seems to become more volatile by the hour. It is hard to think that, not too long ago in human history, our ancestors lived in a world void of complex political structures. Before the United States, there was Rome, and before Rome there was Greece. The city of Athens is considered the heart of modern democracy, and before them, humanity lived in a world where a man’s caste was determined not by the nature of his mind, but by that of his birth. 

In a simple caste system, there is one man at the top, and everyone else falls beneath him. This structure is nice and simple, there is no debate as to who gets power over all other men. Somewhere along the line, we seemed to stray away from this style of rule, instead opting for modern democracy. Of course, in theory, one would believe this to be the best move for the common people. In a democracy, people are supposed to be judged not by their birth or class, but by their opinions and ideas. The hope is that with this structure, the most-qualified people will be able to rise to power and rule for the good of not only themselves, but all of their peers.

Human nature can be summarized in one simple way: we seek to obtain pleasure and avoid pain. It is because of this that many souls fall into the vices that help us shut out the pain of the world. When we live in a democracy, anybody has a chance to obtain a piece of power. This chance we all have has created a culture of greed, where the people attempting to rise to the top are willing to sacrifice their humanity for even a sliver of power. Those who have already secured their power are unwilling to let it go and will compromise any part of their morals to keep it in their own hands. 

Greed has poisoned our democracy to such an extent that we can hardly call it a democracy any longer. The solution, of course, is to reinstate a way of life that we never should have left behind: feudalism. I propose that we, as a society, re-create civilization under a new rule, a rule where only one person has power at a time and everybody knows their place. With this new rule, life can become simple and easy once again.

I have determined that the most efficient way to reinstate a futile society is to move the people of the world into an underground mining colony. Over time, as the world above deteriorates, our underground society will become ever more powerful. The underground will provide us with everything which we need to survive. The plan can ultimately be broken down into the three following phases. 

Phase One: The Begging. When starting an underground colony, we first need to create an environment with food, water, and shelter. Thankfully the underground portion takes care of two of these needs. The colony can pull water from wells to sustain its population (filtering out all of the fracking fluid, of course). As for shelter, being underground means that there is no weather to shelter from, so nobody will have an unfulfilled need for it. 

Though there is no wind or sunlight for energy, the colony can use the heat of the earth to generate electricity. During Phase One, we will slowly start to build the colony with a small group of members that sign on early. After using technology from above ground to create the factories and farms, we will eventually need to have a fully self-sustaining colony that will never have to go above ground again. Phase One consists mostly of building up to the point of self-sustainability, so that no matter what happens on the surface, our good subjects will be safe and unaffected. 

Phase Two: The Wait. This phase will slightly overlap with the first. As we work toward becoming fully self-reliant, more and more people will stop any contact with the above-ground world. Once we are totally self-reliant, it’s mostly a waiting game. As mentioned previously, today’s world is extremely volatile. It’s only a matter of time before 99% of the population is completely killed off, whether that is from nuclear holocaust, famine, disease, war, or what have you. The important part is that we stay underground until everyone above ground is gone, along with whatever ruins, nuclear radiation, or disease they left behind. 

It is important to note that I fully expect this phase to take at the very least 3-500 years, if not longer. This is due to the simple fact that all of you reading, as well as the first members of the colony, will be long dead before we can see the true fruits of our labor. During this time frame, the most important thing to do is ensure that feudalism is instilled into the minds of future generations. This is critical if the plan is to be executed as I foresee. Although I and many others will not live to see the future of our colony, we can die knowing that we’ve taken steps to ensure a better future for our race. 

Phase Three: Reintroduction. After the world above is barren of humans and any nuclear radiation, we can begin to leave the underground. When we leave, we will also abandon all modern technology, instead reverting to the use of  primitive, medieval technology. The only people allowed to have modern weapons will be the military, this way nobody will  have any chance to overthrow the government and establish democracy, socialism, or any other inferior systems of rule. From then on, humanity will live in peace under one ruler. 

To conclude, I present you with two options: ignore my message, and you and your family will stay above ground to die as the democracy collapses, or join me, and live underground, creating a better future for our race. The choice is yours.