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The Swift Effect

Posted 11/03/2023 by Alexa Tsvetkov

Swift watches Kelce at a Chiefs’ game, which is just one reason why fans believe the two might be dating. photo by David Eulitt, Jason Hanna, and Getty Images

Speculations have arisen that Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end, Travis Kelce, and Taylor Swift are dating. 

Since March of 2022, Taylor Swift has been traveling the U.S. on her Eras tour. She has performed songs from each of her albums since the beginning of her career in three hour long concerts that have stunned the world. The tour has been a nationwide spectacle that fans have been desperate to attend, often spending hundreds and even thousands of dollars to see her perform. Attendees have stormed social media platforms to share their extravagant Eras outfits. Her jaw-dropping tour ended in the U.S. in early August, but she made an announcement that she will be touring once again in 2024 in several states such as Florida, Louisiana, Indiana, and more. 

During her break from touring, Swift was seen attending the Chiefs’ week three game, which sparked rumors of a romantic relationship between Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce and Swift. Allegedly, their fling started when Kelce went to Swift’s concert and gave her his phone number. At a Chiefs’ game in September, Swift was seen talking and laughing with Kelce’s mom. Kelce was also spotted peering up to her booth countless times throughout the game. Since then, they have been spotted by paparazzi going to dinner. Fans are taking sides, some claiming that it seems like an unlikely match, while others believe that Kelce could provide Swift with the healthy relationship she has desired for years now. 

After Swift’s most recent break up in the midst of her Eras tour with her ex boyfriend Joe Alwyn, many thought it would take years for Swift to date again. However, Kelce and Swift seem to be enjoying their time together. “I just thought it was awesome how everybody in the suite had nothing but great things to say about her…and she looked amazing,” commented Kelce on his podcast, “New Heights.” So far, the relationship seems relatively private and nothing is official. 

However, in a recent Today Show interview, Kelce’s mom was asked about her experience in the booth with Swift. “It was okay,” she responded dryly, shocking fans. The released footage of Swift and Kelce’s mom in the booth appeared to show the two being friendly – they were seen cheering, hugging, and jumping. The comment caused some uproar from the Swift community, and fans are questioning the reality of the pair’s fresh relationship. Spectators believe that Kelce’s mom might just be keeping a neutral stance because of the newness of the relationship. Regardless, Kelce’s mom received some hate and viewers are concerned that she might not approve of her son’s dating life.

Despite his mom’s attitude, Kelce seems to really like Swift, as he appears to perform better when she is at his games. Reportedly, Kelce averages 46.5 yards per game when Swift isn’t there. However, when she is in attendance, he averages 99 yards per game. Additionally, her appearance at the game has increased sales of Kelce jerseys by 400 times and attendance is increasing for the games as well. Fans have coined it the “Swift Effect.”

When the rumors first came out, Chiefs’ fans were upset about the constant news of Swift as she seemed to be stealing the attention and creating a bandwagon fan effect towards the Chiefs. Even the camera men are in on it: the screen pans to Swift frequently throughout Chiefs games. Additionally, social media has exploded with information and newly leaked conversations about their relationship. 

However, as more has been released about the pair, people have begun to appreciate the chance of a relationship. On social media, fans have shared their opinions and conspiracies about why Kelce should be “the one” for Swift. For example, his number is 87 and Swift’s favorite number is 13, which fans have concluded that it assumes there is a 100% chance they are meant for each other. While this seems far-fetched, people are convinced this could be true as Kelce has won over the Swift nation. Since Kelce isn’t in the music industry, there isn’t competition in their professional lives, so they can hopefully appreciate each other and lead a healthy relationship. Time will only tell for Kelce and Swift, but for now, fans must await an official announcement.