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What time is it? It's Tebow Time!

Posted 05/17/2010 by Scott Bruskin

Head Coach Josh McDaniels now has invested his Denver coaching future in an undeveloped, raw talent.

Artwork by Rebecca Holt.

Artwork by Rebecca Holt.

The talent is there: Tebow has a Heisman to prove that. People love his intangibles. Tebow is considered one of the greatest college football quarterbacks of all time.  He is a dynamic threat not only with his arm, but also with his legs. However, what many people question is not his heart, but his mechanics. That being said, I will dive into both the pros and cons of one Mr. Tim Tebow.

Pros: Not only is Tebow full of energy and passion for the game, he is also a hard worker. Tebow exemplifies the perfect player. In a year when many players have had character issues, (i.e. Dez Bryant and Earl Thomas), Tebow has always stayed within the law and out of trouble.  Plus, Tebow is considered a dual-threat quarterback, meaning that he can lead teams to victory with not only his arms, but also his legs. Tebow rushed for nearly 3,000 yards over his tenure at Florida.

Cons: Tebow has an awkward wind-up. Tebow’s throwing motion has been called into question by many experts, including many NFL teams’ higher management. Never before has such a popular, polarizing figure with a Heisman to his name fallen so far in a draft, especially when an argument can be made that upwards of six teams need a young QB around whom to build a team.

Conclusion: This pick was very odd to me. I see why Bronco Head Coach Josh McDaniels would like a hard worker, but at the same time…what gives? McDaniels had his greatest success when he had a stabilized pocket passer in Tom Brady. Now McDaniels has a quirky, awkward throwing left handed quarterback. But, intangibles are the name of the game in the NFL, and Tebow does have that.  His middle name should be “Clutch.” Also, coach has gone on the record as saying that he will alter his system to accommodate Tebow. Only time will tell how this will pan out. I can see Tebow being the face of this franchise, but I can also see Tebow really struggling to adjust to the NFL game.