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A Festive Fundraiser

Posted 12/01/2016 by Madeleine Abram

The TJ Science Department concludes their annual poinsettia fundraiser. photo by Eileen Adair

TJ students sell poinsettias for the opportunity to gain extra credit and contribute to the TJ Science department.

Every year, the TJ Science department sells poinsettias in order to raise money for new labs, new lab equipment, and field trips. In exchange for selling poinsettias, students are given extra credit based on the number of plants they sold. The poinsettia fundraiser has always been a holiday tradition that benefits both students and teachers within the TJ community.

Before Thanksgiving break, students began to sell poinsettias and will continue to until Friday, December 2, 2016. These festive plants are available in both red and white, and cost $15 each. The plants will be delivered to TJ on December, 6th, and students will be delivering the flowers to those who ordered poinsettias. The annual poinsettia fundraiser is a great way to further the sense of community within the TJ science department and integrate the school as an entirety. Mike Christoff, TJ’s principal, stated, “the great thing about [the poinsettia fundraiser] is that it is a huge generator of funds for the science department, which helps alleviate some of the costs we have to put towards the science department.”

Poinsettia sales guru and biology teacher Scott Thomas explained that “the poinsettia fundraiser is something the science department does every year in order to raise money for the science department so we can buy the supplies we have and prevent students from having to pay a lab fee to take a science class.” Additionally, students are immensely grateful to have the opportunity for extra credit. AP Biology student and sophomore Gracey Jarecke explained, “Not only has [the fundraiser] helped me get extra credit, it’s also given me the opportunity to have more hands-on learning activities like labs and field trips because of the money we raise.”

Overall, the annual poinsettia fundraiser proves as a success each and every year, as it benefits both students and teachers within the TJ Science department by raising money to supply classrooms with a more hands-on learning experience.