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Challenging OurselvesPosted 12/20/2016 by Reagan Tucker

The Junior class of Thomas Jefferson comes together through sharing their hardships in a day full of challenging exercises. On January 24th and 25th, 2017, the junior class will indulge in a day full ... More

Festive FinalsPosted 12/13/2016 by Jordan Prochnow

TJ hosts many fun events during finals to reward students for their hard work and to celebrate the holiday season. The end of the fall semester marks finals week, filled with intensive exams testing s... More

Culture ClubPosted 12/12/2016 by Andrew Seidenstat

TJ’s Jew Club allows students to discuss their faith and to learn more about Jewish holidays and culture. The TJ Jew Club is not just a club for Jewish students to meet and discuss Jewish events and... More

‘Tis the Season of GivingPosted 12/12/2016 by Madeleine Abram

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, it is important to remember to give back to the community by helping or donating to a variety of charities. Now that December has arrived, an abundance of peo... More

Focusing on PhotographyPosted 12/12/2016 by Andrew Seidenstat

The photo class embarks on a photo safari to Roxborough State Park. On Tuesday, October 16th, and Monday, November 14th, several students from the Photojournalism 2 class and Photojournalism 1 class w... More

World’s Finest FundraiserPosted 12/11/2016 by Kathryn Schroeck

SkillsUSA continues a long lasting, chocolaty tradition. SkillsUSA is beginning their World’s Finest Chocolate fundraiser in order to raise money for their program. They are selling different kinds ... More

DECA Reaches out to Local FamiliesPosted 12/10/2016 by Maddox Moran

TJ’s DECA program lights up the holidays by spreading cheer to TJ families Adopt a Family, a longstanding TJ tradition, has been celebrated schoolwide for the past fifteen years. It began when DECA ... More

Fundraising FrenzyPosted 12/10/2016 by Maddox Moran

TJ’s sophomore class has begun working with full vigor towards a solid future. The class of 2019 is doing everything possible to fundraise for their prom, including making and selling T-shirts, amon... More

ArtFest-ivitiesPosted 12/05/2016 by Jordan Prochnow

TJ’s 28th annual ArtFest returns on December 10th, promising another year of phenomenal goods from local vendors.  On Saturday, December 10th, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., the 28th annual TJ Artfest fun... More

Just Kicking ItPosted 12/05/2016 by Macey Murray

TJ has introduced a beginners martial arts club that has kicked off on the right foot. For students and teachers who are eager to learn new martial arts defensive skills, TJ teacher Sean Silvers and s... More