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Summer SendoffPosted 05/27/2016 by Jordan Prochnow

As the end of the year arrives, students embark on the journey towards an excellent summer. Finals are over, the weather is warm, and the seniors have officially graduated. It is time for summer, and ... More

Destined for SuccessPosted 05/26/2016 by Lucy Peterson

The Thomas Jefferson/George Washington Destination Imagination team makes their way to Globals. Destination Imagination (DI) is a volunteer-led educational organization that teaches 21st century skill... More

Aiming for SuccessPosted 05/26/2016 by Caroline Cech

Physics students at TJ test their knowledge in the subject by building catapults to throw certain distances. On Tuesday, April 26th, all physics students launched their catapults with the goal of hit... More

Driving Down UnderPosted 05/25/2016 by Jalyssa Vigil

Spartan golfer is invited to compete overseas in Brisbane, Australia. As the school year ends, students make plans to occupy their time over the summer. Sophomore Andrew Villescas, will be planning a ... More

Setting Up for SuccessPosted 05/25/2016 by Cecelia Allen

Paula Mortel plans to improve her volleyball skills while playing for college scouts this summer. Junior and volleyball player Paula Mortel will be playing volleyball on a team in California this summ... More

All for One Community Golf TournamentPosted 05/25/2016 by Morgan VandeRiet

Four Spartans were honored to participate in a golf tournament that benefited Southmoor Park neighborhood schools. For the second time in three years, Thomas Jefferson students have golfed in the All ... More

Grand Slam SadlerPosted 05/25/2016 by Morgan VandeRiet

Junior Rachel Sadler dominates both on the tennis court and in the classroom. The TJ community includes many amazing athletes and many outstanding students; junior Rachel Sadler happens to be both. On... More

An Out of Body ExperiencePosted 05/24/2016 by Michael Katsman

A few AP Biology students were able to experience a once in a lifetime event at a cadaver lab. This year’s AP Biology students had the opportunity to attend the annual cadaver lab, which, for most p... More

Spartan Sets Up For A Bright FuturePosted 05/24/2016 by Paula Mortel

Thomas Jefferson Senior Jordan Graham commits to play at Lamar Community college to continue her volleyball career. Thomas Jefferson senior Jordan Graham has been recognized as a successful student at... More

Don’t Fall BehindPosted 05/23/2016 by Mia Grijalva

Students need to stay academically minded over the summer and keep up on school work.  With the school year coming to an end and summer approaching quickly, doing academic work over the vacation is... More