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Posted 12/10/2017 by Amelia Carpenter

Students can bring donations to TJ throughout the year to benefit those in need in the greater community. photo by Lucy Peterson

Thomas Jefferson High School students organized a clothing drive benefiting Clothes to Kids.

Students at Thomas Jefferson have organized a drive that will help supply clothing to children in need. The drive will be run all year by TJ’s Interact Club, and was created to help the surrounding community. The Spartans in Interact were motivated to develop the drive because they wanted to support local kids by giving them supplies that they need. Clothes To Kids is a local non-profit organization dedicated to providing warm clothes for students from low income families in Denver. It was founded in 2008 and has been providing clothes for students through schools ever since.

The goal of the drive is to give back to Denver’s community. “The drive will benefit TJ and its community because the clothes that we collect benefit low-income and homeless children in the Denver metro area, including students at TJ and throughout DPS. The kids will get to choose their wardrobe at the Denver boutique, which allows families to spend their money on things other than clothes and helps build their self-esteem and identity,” explained junior and club member Joe McComb, who was responsible for introducing the drive to TJ. Clothes To Kids volunteer and TJ parent Eileen Robinson helped bring the Clothes To Kids drive (CTKD) to TJ and was a huge help in getting the drive organized. “Students should contribute to the drive because it is a simple act that has a huge impact. They are directly helping other students. Clothing comes in and immediately goes home with a family in need. During our busy back-to-school season, CTKD can serve as many as 100 students in a day, ” described Robinson.  

The drive box is located outside of the yellow gates in the TJ lobby. All donated items must be clean and ready for students to take home. Items can be gently used, but must still be in good condition. Since it is getting colder outside, Interact is requesting that coats be donated as a priority. “Currently, we are focusing on collecting coats to those in need because the weather is getting colder and Clothes to Kids of Denver is running low on supply. Regardless, we will take any type of clothes all year long, except used underwear.  Our focus article of clothing will differ as the season changes and depending on what Clothes to Kids needs the most,” McComb mentioned.

The clothes donated are intended for students aged 3-21 and anything from socks and new underwear to sportswear and equipment are needed. Items that are a necessity include shoes, warm jackets, jeans, socks, and new underwear.  So far, the drive has been extremely successful. Interact is continuing to work hard to help contribute to this important organization. The drive will take place all year long, so TJ Spartans will have the power to help students in need get clothing well into 2018.