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Author: Halle Bristow

Feelings You Never Knew You HadPosted 12/14/2018 by Halle Bristow

What are emotions? Why do we feel the way we do? What am I feeling? A person’s mental state can be a confusing place to navigate, but in reading this you’ll discover feelings you never knew you ha... More

Inspiring the CommunityPosted 10/16/2018 by Halle Bristow

Miss Black Colorado 2018 came to visit Thomas Jefferson High School as a guest speaker for the Black Student Alliance Club. Black Student Alliance (BSA) is a club that serves as an advocate of the Afr... More

What Fear Looks LikePosted 05/25/2018 by Halle Bristow

     ... More

Who’s Your Caddy?Posted 05/25/2018 by Halle Bristow

As the Spring Semester comes to an end, so does the girls’ golfing season along with the retirement of their favorite coach. Taking a look back, a typical day at practice for the Girl’s Golf team ... More

Best in SnowPosted 03/22/2018 by Halle Bristow

The 2018 Winter Olympics brought nations together and included a number of memorable events. The Olympics have been around since 776 BC, as part of a religious festival in ancient Greece. Every four y... More

Keep Calm and Recycle OnPosted 03/12/2018 by Halle Bristow

Instead of throwing away bottle caps, there are economically conscience alternatives. The rise of pollution during the Industrial Revolution was a call to action for the first modern environmental pro... More

Ride OnPosted 01/21/2018 by Halle Bristow

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) launched their first mobile ticketing app. Thousands of Denver Public School students rely on public transportation every day to get to and from school. In D... More

Seeking Students for Hands-on InternshipsPosted 12/11/2017 by Halle Bristow

Career Connect brings new opportunities to the students and TJ community. DPS Career Connect is offering a chance for aspiring students to get more involved with their dream careers by providing work-... More

Overcoming ObstaclesPosted 10/15/2017 by Halle Bristow

The Denver Tech Center (DTC) Rotary Club held the second annual Water Toy Race on September 23rd at Chatfield Reservoir. The Water Toy Race’s purpose is to provide for post-high school scholarships,... More