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Calling all Extraordinary 15-Year-Olds

Posted 10/17/2016 by Grace Leonard

Mr. Weaver helps promote the new casting show. photo by Mia Grijalva

Teenager TV Casting is looking for exceptional 15-year-olds who want their story shared around the country.

Teenager TV Casting is helping the producers of I am Jazz, a show about a transgender girl’s teenage life, create a new major cable network show centered around fifteen year olds and the stories these exceptional teens have to share. The stories can be about anything that the teen thinks has been a major moment in his or her life so far, and the show hopes to inspire other teens to understand that they are never too young to be extraordinary.

TJ Gifted and Talented coordinator Brian Weaver was contacted by a former professor about helping to create the TV show. He is looking for any fifteen year old who has had a special triumph or major adversity. Weaver said, “Somehow the fifteen year olds on this show feel they are different, extraordinary, incredible, and have a story to share.” He believes that DPS students are a very diverse group and he hopes they can inspire students around the country with their stories.  

The show is filmed in a reality type setting with filming beginning this winter, and it is expected to air in the spring of 2017. Weaver wants to get as many students involved as he can, in order to show that despite the fact that fifteen-year-olds still have a lifetime ahead of them, they still can have something extraordinary to share with the world. Weaver hopes that students will get “the reflected notion of what makes for an extraordinary life story” out of participating  in or watching the show. By learning from other’s experiences, hopefully teens can see they are not alone on their journey of growing up and finding themselves.

Interested students should contact Weaver to get more information on the casting process and when it will occur. For basic information about the show, students can visit TV Casting’s Facebook page.