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Posted 12/12/2016 by Andrew Seidenstat

TJ's new Jew Club prepares for the celebration of Hanukkah. photo by Will Forrester

TJ’s Jew Club allows students to discuss their faith and to learn more about Jewish holidays and culture.

The TJ Jew Club is not just a club for Jewish students to meet and discuss Jewish events and holidays, it’s a club open to all who are Jewish and non-Jewish, looking for another way to discuss or learn about other cultures. The club meets every Friday during lunch in room 237, with lunch provided and a topic already decided on for the day. The overall theme of the discussions is to talk about being prideful in faith, specifically the Jewish faith, though all are welcome with open arms.

The club was started by students who wanted to bring the Jewish community together at TJ and staff from Jewish Student Connection (JSC). The JSC is used to serve as a catalyst for Jewish teens to take ownership of their Jewish future by creating in-school educational experiences for teens in public and private schools. The program looks to help students in any way possible, either through volunteering or grants to schools. Staff member at JSC Ben Sanders has started twelve other Jewish clubs in colorado, including TJ’s, and is planning on extending the program to more schools. 

The club not only discusses Jewish events, philosophy, and the Jewish faith, but also discusses possible volunteering events to do and other aspects of the world around Jewish citizens. The JSC hopes to encourage kids to be more prideful of their Jewish faith by playing American traditional or Jewish traditional games surrounding Judaism. The club provides opportunities for teens to build community with fellow Jewish students, learn about Jewish history and Israel, and gain access to the Jewish community outside their high school.  

Clubs like this give the opportunity for students to be open about their beliefs and continue to learn and expand their knowledge. At this club, kids learn about Israel, Jewish history, and the Jewish community in Denver. The hope is to be able to build a stronger Jewish connection within the schools and the surrounding community.