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Drawing Attention

Posted 03/17/2017 by Grace Leonard

Ema Leveque was inspired by the strength and pride the Spartan mascot posseses when drawing this year's yearbook cover. artwork by Ema Leveque

Junior Ema Leveque impacts the TJ community through her artistic talent.  

Junior Ema Leveque is excited to give back to her community through art.  She began drawing at a young age, taking after her mother who is also an artist.  As a child, she enjoyed watching her mother draw, and as she grew older she tried to replicate her work.  Leveque likes the creativity that art gives her and the ability to create something words cannot describe. Her favorite part about art is being able to have an outlet for her creativity.

Leveque is one of yearbook coordinator and photojournalism teacher William Forester’s students, and he approached her about designing this year’s yearbook cover. I am very thankful for this opportunity because it was so enjoyable thinking of the design and watching the design come to life as I drew it,” Leveque explained.  She wanted to convey Spartan pride through the yearbook cover.  She described how she saw the mascot on the gym wall one day, so she drew upon the Spartan image with dark lines and contrast to express strength.  Leveque hopes students see the pride and the strength that everyone holds when looking at the cover.

Leveque described how art has given her multiple opportunities throughout high school, including designing the yearbook cover.  She has met new people and expanded her creativity through the art classes offered here at TJ. Leveque enjoys how the Art Show allows her to observe other students’ work and learn from them. “Her presence, her focus, and her relentless pursuit to do her work make her a great addition to the class,” said art teacher Leonard Fox.  He remarked on how she has grown intellectually as an artist here at TJ, which has helped her in creating a special piece for this years’ cover.

Outside of art, Leveque enjoys taking photos and playing tennis.  She is currently in Photojournalism 2 and hopes to continue her photography journey.  Leveque plays on the girls’ varsity tennis team, and competed in doubles last season.  Her favorite part about TJ is the people she has become friends with and the lasting relationships she has created.  Leveque said, “TJ also expanded my opportunities and it helped me try new things that I have never done before. I am excited for the rest of the time I have here at TJ.”

One thing Leveque wants the community to know about is her heritage.  She is half- Japanese and Japanese is her first language.  She described how she does not look very Japanese, but she values the culture and it is a part of her.  Leveque took classes every Sunday up until freshman year to further the language and strengthen the relationship with her family in Japan.  She said, “I have two families, both totally different from each other, and I am very grateful of being able to see both worlds.”  She hopes to express that side of herself to the community through her art and time at TJ.

Leveque hopes to continue to develop her art throughout the rest of her life, because she believes art transcends generation.  Although she hopes to continue to have art as a part of her life, she does not want to incorporate it into her adult career.  Leveque hopes to become an interpreter and translator in Japan when she is older is.  She explained how this job would put her bilingual ability to use by helping to connect two worlds.  

Ema Leveque is a diverse student with a lot to share with the TJ community through art.  Look out for more of her in the year to come.