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Exploring the World of Medicine

Posted 05/24/2017 by Macey Murray

Thomas Jefferson Students a part of the Pre-Med Explorers Club are welcomed into the medical career field. photo courtesy of Leo Busse

The Pre-Med Explorers Club gives Spartans a glimpse of the medical field.

Thomas Jefferson High School has a wide variety of students who are interested in different career paths – from architecture to teaching to medicine. For students who are interested in pursuing a medical career such as bioengineering, nursing, or surgery, junior Leo Busse and Biology teacher Scott Thomas have been working on creating a new club to give students the chance to gain new experiences and learn more about a possible career in healthcare.

A few Spartans recently attended a health professions opportunity day where they were exposed to activities such as suturing and dissections. Club member and junior Tori Conroy stated, “I chose suturing and bioengineering. For both classes we did hands on projects where we actually got to learn about how suturing and bioengineering is like in the real world. I thought it would be a really cool experience and would help me further decide if I wanted a career in medicine and health or not.”  

Busse mentioned, “The activities I have planned for the upcoming year include field trips to various medical sites.” The club will also be planning a trip to Denver Health, and possibly a group volunteer opportunity to make gift bags for babies coming from disadvantaged families.  As well as the volunteer opportunities a trip to the ambulance bay at Denver Health is also under preparation. The club may also go to Children’s Hospital, medical clinics, and research labs depending on how busy they will be. The members will also focus on going out into the community and being able to interact with people around TJ.

“The club is very new, so the more members the better, and we’re excited to see how everything unfolds next year!” Busse states, encouraging new members to consider the Pre-Med Explorers Club as a intriguing way to spend their extra time. Along with Busse and the club members who are very excited to welcome new members, Christoff also believes that this it is a good idea because “it will be a great opportunity for students to get exposure to the growing industry of the medical field.” For students who want to learn more about the Pre-Med Explorers Club, meetings will begin again in the fall semester, so stop by Thomas’ room for more information.