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Focusing on Photography

Posted 12/12/2016 by Andrew Seidenstat

Photography students enjoy the opportunity to enhance their skills at Roxborough State Park. photo by Will Forrester

The photo class embarks on a photo safari to Roxborough State Park.

On Tuesday, October 16th, and Monday, November 14th, several students from the Photojournalism 2 class and Photojournalism 1 class went on their respective field trips to Roxborough State Park to take pictures. The students were led by photo teacher Will Forrester and chauffeured by TJ CTE coordinator Danny Showers. The students were led on an all-day adventure, from experiencing a wonderful state park to enjoying a terrific meal at local restaurant Ivy At The Glenn.

Excursions like this are possible because of the CTE (Career, Technology, and Education) bus, used to get students out of the classroom to learn and experience opportunities in the real world. “The bus is worth every penny because of the mission that we are accomplishing with getting students out into the communities,” explained Showers. The bus is used for many excursions for all of the CCT classes.

Students left school early during first period for the 45 minute drive to Roxborough. Upon arrival at the park, the students took a quick stop at the visitor center to take photos before taking on the Fountain Valley Trail, which winds around the whole park. On this trip, students learned many useful techniques to advance their photography skills, giving them an opportunity to take their new knowledge off campus. “The field trip was a great way for me to experience and experiment with my photography skills,” said junior Landon Cramer. The students spent a total of four hours walking around on the trail, admiring views of the park’s special geology. They also visited a house that is at the top of the loop, built at the turn of the century as a summer home.

After they finished the hike, students loaded onto the bus and drove a few miles away to go enjoy lunch and share stories of the adventure at the restaurant Ivy At The Glenn. Upon entry, the students were greeted by the owner, Jimmy Lambatos, who is also the owner of the sandwich chain Quiznos. He talked to the students about his business, his life, and his experiences. The students then sat down and reveled in the food served. Soon after lunch, the students headed back to school.  “Overall it was an amazing experience for the students and a great opportunity,” said Forrester.

The photo field trip was a successful outing, giving students the opportunity to advance their photo skills. By the end of the day, students explored beautiful scenery, becoming adventurers of the world around them.