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Love is in the Air

Posted 02/10/2017 by Madeleine Abram

artwork by Andrew Seidenstat

The Leadership class organizes a spirited week to celebrate winter sports and Valentine’s Day.

From February 13th to 17th, TJ will embark on a week full of festivities put on by the Leadership class. This spirit week will consist of a variety of themes for each day of the week: Monday is Scrub Day, Tuesday is Cupid Day, Wednesday is Celebrity Look Alike Day, Thursday is Color Splash Day, and as always, Friday is TJ Day. To conclude the school week, there will be a pep assembly to recognize the winter sports athletes, as well as other groups and organizations within the TJ community. The festivities throughout the week will all lead up to the Sadie Hawkins House Party dance on Saturday, February 18th.

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, Leadership will be selling rose grams for students to send to friends, staff members, and significant others. Roses can be purchased for $2 each, or $5 for three. In addition to the roses, Crush sodas will be sold by TJ Choir members to promote an upcoming competition. Senior Olivia Palizzi stated, “We are raising money for us to go to the Cavalcade of Music competition in Colorado Springs. Crush sodas are being sold for $0.75 each. Attached to the crushes are personalized messages to send to your friends or your crush.” Both the sodas and roses will be delivered on Valentine’s Day.

On Saturday, February 18th, the Sadie Hawkins House Party dance will be held from 8:00 pm to 11:00 p.m.. The premise of the Sadie Hawkins dance is that girls can choose to ask whomever they want as their date, or anyone can go solo and party with friends. Tickets will be sold for $6 for singles, and $10 for couples.

Spirit week is a great opportunity for students to show school spirit, so it is highly encouraged for everyone to get involved in the festivities around the TJ community.