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Love is in the Air

Posted 02/11/2016 by Mia Grijalva

Festive fundraiser for the senior class and for DECA. photo by Sara Andolsek

TJ continues old and new traditions to prepare for Valentine’s Day.

This week, TJ gets ready for Valentine’s Day by bringing back old traditions as well as beginning new ones. Throughout the week, DECA officers will be selling chocolate hearts and the seniors will be selling rose-a-grams.

A TJ tradition that’s continuing this Valentine’s Day season is selling candy grams for TJ students. This year, DECA officers will be selling chocolate hearts to fundraise for the TJ DECA Club. The officers will be selling chocolate hearts in either bouquets of six or in singles. The bouquets will be $5 while the singles are $1. DECA officers will be selling the candy in the Spartan School Store starting Monday the 8th until Thursday the 11th after school, and the candy will be distributed on Friday. Along with sending candy, you can also send a note with the candy for your special one, a friend, or even yourself. “Using a holiday like Valentine’s day to help raise money to support the school is a great thing. It will help benefit not only DECA but other clubs in the school as well. I’m glad everyone is willing to come together for a holiday to support TJ,” said DECA officer Brandon Griffith.

This year, the Class of 2016 is bringing back an old tradition of selling rose-a-grams for Valentine’s Day. The seniors are selling roses this week to fundraise for their Prom. The roses will be sold Wednesday the 10th through Friday the 12th during lunch. TJ students and faculty have the option to chose from a single rose for $2, three roses wrapped in ribbon for $5, a dozen roses in a vase for $20, or two dozen roses in a vase for $35. All rose arrangements also include a handwritten note. During school on Friday the 12th, the roses will be personally delivered.  “The rose-a-grams are a great way to raise money for our prom while also making someone else’s day better, especially for Valentine’s Day,” added senior Henry Allen.